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Monday, April 6, 2009
Scary eyes again??? ntg special, this is just simple make up. and my eyelashes are real, k?

Actually i wan to show u the case that i arrange my cosmetic neatly. U can see on my previous blog, my cosmetics are in a mess. I purchased in 100yens shop at kuchai there. means all things in that shop is just RM4.90!.I wanna buy a few more cases in the future. things there are unique. You can hardly find in other place. eventou u found it, it wont be that cheap. Thanks to YC for the info. Yest I went out with her without appointment. Just very suddenly said, "lets go" then GO FOR IT. I like to shop with girls!! kw, you know why? when you see things below, You will know. I don think u guys interested in those. he he he!

Actually again. I don plan wann buy so many things....I juz wanna buy one pair of fake eyelashes only...then..i juz bought 20pairs?! means the darker eyelashes only cost RM3.5 per pair, and you can re-use!! imagine u can use all these for century?! according to My friend(YC is an expert), when u use eyelashes, u no need to use mascara...mascara cost how much?? then u no need use so much make up remover and u still cant wipe off.. U CAN SAVE HOW MUCH?! just that u need to buy tis eyelashes glue..only cost RM12.9, and u can use very long. The another cost RM12 fake eyelashes, will a bit...hard, so i plan to use as lower eyelashes, juz need to cut half and trim shorter. haven't try, will try!

Y i bought the toothbrush holder to kw?? coz i think he need it. At first i saw very cute holder...PIG one. but i don think Guys wanna tat. haha,n his bathroom is share.

This is the frindge curler... u have to clip on ur frindge then blow with hair dryer. I still dono how to use, as..It couldn't curl!! mayb my fridge is little too long. i bought this coz i feel my frindge very 'kayu', rebonding too much, wanna make it more natural! After I bought only know this is oso sell at 100Yens shop with only 4.90. ish!!

Here you go.. this is my fake eyelashes. left one is from Taiwan, softer; right is from china, harder!

I tot i bought many things already, buy..YC bought the most. hahaha. she bought due to studio use and her work. I alwaz cant compare to her while shopping, coz she alwaz the one spend much! wohoho~

This is ampoules. she said use this to maintain the make up the whole day. she still not sure how to use. The studio ppl will do it for her when photo shooting. then she will give me the infomations. hehe, cant wait. the actual price is RM45, but she get discount. I forgot how much d.
happy day?! ^^


{ miao } at: April 6, 2009 at 9:48 AM said...

wah wah so rich ho buy so many thing ho...i think u better don apply creditcard or else u sure will end up with debt !!

.I juz wanna buy one pair of fake eyelashes only...then..i juz bought 20pairs?! <<<<<<<<<

lol..hahahhaahaa.. eh eh teach me hw to use fake lashes i got two pair at home i just couldnt stick it properly lar....aiks

oh and contact lens !!!!!!!!!

{ Joanne } at: April 6, 2009 at 9:52 AM said...

wei.. at least i went to time sq din spend over RM80, u know?! hahahha,and i got Debit card, remember? is almost the same. he he..yest spend bout

I think i tried to put the fake eyelashes once.i took 15mins to put on one side....==, will need to practice.

u bring ur lens o not...can teach u at THE GARDEN TOILET. hehe

{ ♥ koala ♥ } at: April 6, 2009 at 2:26 PM said...

wah girls.. cool cool... i see u all spending so much on make up items recently!

ahhaa... well as long as by the end of the day u guys got savings will do lar k!

hugs and kisses

{ Joanne } at: April 6, 2009 at 3:50 PM said...

luv ju lee!!!!!!!!
when u back, v both will kidnap u n draw all over ur face,hahaha

yc at: April 6, 2009 at 4:51 PM said...

wei...chen jia pei....
i m not a beauty expert la....i learn tis from my past experiences...i stil need to learn from u..remember to teach me ya~~
btw,i din really spend a lot..jus spend d things tat i need at d moment...i m broke...need sum sponsorship...hehehehe

{ Joanne } at: April 6, 2009 at 5:27 PM said...

yes YC... at least u apply more than i did mah... sponsor here, lol!!

wed,one of my friend coming to pasar mlm too

{ miao } at: April 8, 2009 at 10:34 AM said...

we need to save money liao

remmber our trip ?? aussie !!! im serious de..heheeeeeeeeeeee




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