Going to Places

Monday, October 3, 2016
I does not expect I'll go to so many places in one year. I always had a dream like the other young people's goal, one year once of the trip to oversea... I remember I did not have one oversea trip for last year due to over expose of financial....for marriage :D we did a local trip instead.

This year was suppose to be a honeymoon trip year for both of us. Yes, for certain time... we actually have to reschedule our honeymoon to another month.  I'm so upset that time. Now was like, fine~ we have to go on October no matter what.

This year, I had been to oversea like 4 times already until today. It was like... whoa! sure syok sial! Well, yea, is true.. first trip this year is to Jiujiang China. Winter and sibeh cold, business trip.
Next, May is to Kerinci, Indonesia, also a business visit to the factory.

Where this picture took place.
And it is damn hot and noisy.

After that, went to local trip in Pulau Besar Johor.
Craziest moment and I vomited when on boat. 
My first time vomit on boat. ish!
Next to Xin Hui, Guangdong. That is also business presentation and meeting trip.
Sorry, no picture here... I think I lost it somewhere... 

Continuously, I just back from Perth, Western Australia.
This is really an unexpected trip of all.
Above all, business trips were also unexpected. hahha

My bff who planning to marry next year was having pre-wedding photoshoot!
I know I'm not so good at makeup yet, but she chose me!
(erm.. I told her to find other options first than me. I guess I'm lucky one)
Glad I made it to the trip, got more leaves to take. hehe
It is so fun, because I had a hassle free trip and also she is so kind of having me to play together when she on photoshooting. hahahaha! Worth the trip. So happy for her. 

You can watch my video here:

another video here:

Thank you for watching!

1 year already~

Sunday, July 10, 2016
Hi all, it had been a year since after my wedding dinner.

Been through a lot, especially when making him to realized how different is being with a wife and a girlfriend. (giggled)...

He is a responsible guy I shall mentioned, I don't mean he did not responsible as a husband. However a husband is also a MALE/GUY~ what's a man really wanted?  Well, if mention a 80:20 ratio.... 80% of the men still want a freedom even after marriage. 20%? could be anything.... you figure out. (no studies at all, base on own knowledge)

For a simple reactions from his friends and I think I had proudly build a famous 'name' among them. Well, most of his friends are still singles, and I do not want to comment after they had their marriage.
They might have nightmare after that or maybe I'm the best wife after all. LOL! why would I think of that.

Saying about friends were single, most of my best friends were going to get marry next year!!!  ALL 3 of THEM!! horray!!!  next year I'm gotta be the busy bridesmaid. hehehehe. Damn excited.

They are currently having the preparing stage of wedding things. Seeing them preparing stuff made me recalled how wonderful it is when I was preparing. Although it is a bit tiring or troublesome, I wanna advice is that, it is really worth it. When you do it all by yourself, it is the best moment you enjoy with him.

Speaking of preparing, I'm a typical Taurus... I know that I wanted a very creative wedding, but when come to cost, I rather saved it and put it on food than deco. hahahaha!

Here is the dream wedding I may adore:
 This is the reality.. how my wedding receptions looks like:
ask for tips. lolz

deco before go in the hall~

 The Mr. Mrs. chair

Inside the hall:


Table deco or display


In conclusions, I'm not bragging or complain here, I just want to let the rest of the brides-to-be realized, when dream and reality is different unless you hire a wedding planner. :)

I am glad is over and I'm really satisfied with the wedding we both organized. I'm the hassle free bride, because I demand less, and I just do not want to worry any single thing during actual day. What I worried the most is when on stage or PK when walking down the aisle with the 3 inch heels and long gown. hahahhahah!

All my worries and preparation throw to the groom. Because he walk easily with no heels.

Thank you for making this day happened. Although I always whining that it cost so much and trouble organizing, its really amazing and made us the King and Queen of the day. It is a family gathering I shall say. Loves and blessings all over. No regrets.

Thank you everyone for making it happened!



Sunday, May 29, 2016
I am yet a full time MUA (Makeup Artist)
Yet I'm trying my best to do it.

Not only passions that drives me from growing, a full time means you have to committed like it. Not like drawing artist, draws only when you have mood. No, it is not in such way. I think only rich people did that...

What you passions about, would not stop you from working. Sometimes I doubt this sentence. Because it is really different and when you think it is the best fit for this person, they might have different point of views.

I hope i would not regret for what I'd chosen. I hope my fire keep burnings. I hope i stay on my courage. I hope I makes people happy. I hope I build up their confidence.

Married life 婚后

Sunday, May 1, 2016
I believe every women's after married life is different.

Let me tell a happily after life story:

We had been dating for like 10 years, without staying together. Yes, we did went for some tour together, it is just like maximum 5days trip. It is short, short period does not show any of the habits from both of us. I'm not saying I am the one having all the good habits, it is just like we does not have the suitable way of living together yet.

It had been like when dating, we always showed the good sight of everything. Marrying a man you love that much it is just like a dream come true. I am pretty serious! hahahhaa.
I am always having those dreams of marrying someone in a hall. I'm wearing a pretty princess gown, when I'm standing beside my groom, feeling very happy, every time I lift my head wanted to see his face, I always awaken by the alarm clock. Kinda funny yet happy dreams. I always told him, I don't know who is the groom *hints*.

After he proposed, the dream changed. I could always clearly see his face in the dream in the wedding hall!! Sarcastic, right? But it is the truth. Until recently, I stop dreaming about marrying scene, since I already married. My dreams kinda so realistic. lolz!

Well, I'm now dreaming about the next step of life. Not telling you first, but I think you had guessed it right.

Back to topic:
Don't ask me whether he thinks the same of marrying me as his wife is it a dream? I am sure I would not ask those stupid questions. Just that we are women, we always seek for best answer even though man could just saying the sweet words.

When living together, we had an on and off arguing sessions. every man sure mentioned, every after married life is just like a life without wings.  Same to him. The perceptions of married life is... a bit different.  Not saying I had settle this "freedom" case, just that we settle it by giving each other a step backwards.

Besides that, sorting out the house-cores also having a little bit conflicts., Not much~ just that I am not suitable to his MAN's life. When I am at mum's house, my dad and bro are behave good due to my mum's nagging and control. Day to day, I realized that it is not by mum's power or control, it is because mum doing everything left out from them and she does complains, but still doing for them. That is! This the lessons~ Don't expect any returns for every things you doing, if you do, you do with whole willingness.

Slowly, I tends to think, whether it is necessary to hold my own persistence to continually change his habits or remain calm and do my own things freely. As time passes by, I choose to slowly let go my uphold thing, I changed to uphold my own objectives & my targets, rather than hope to change a person not your control. A man could not be change unless he willing to, and no one could be under your own control. I started to feel him, the way he do things. Slowly I adapt to his life somehow, he also doing the same. We started to have some mutual way of living.

It works well.  :)

So, how do you think?

I do not demand of a rich life, but a Rich life.  A rich of loves, warms & caring family life that I always dream of.

Yes, A Family. :)


confession day

Tuesday, March 15, 2016
Even tough we are married, we are husband and wife now, still there is a confessions for the white valentine.

I admit that sometimes we were so close until i forget about respect. I often say the wrong thing.

I admit that i hate once in a blue moon especially you going out and come back soooo laate. You did not promise a time.

I admit that i love you so much that i forgot what had dislike bout u.

I admit that the way you threat me had been what i feels so warmed and loves. More than anything.

Without you, i couldn't know what am i. I still loves depend on you.

Hopes you wont feel annoy at all.

Love you, my dear.


九江 Jiu Jiang business trip

Saturday, February 6, 2016
I had more and more opportunity to go on business trip.  This time is Jiujiang trip & 2 weeks for staying there. I was assigned to teach the China New Company how to use system.  Well, it is January, so it is WINTER!

Not that I haven't been to winter country before, but that is years ago.  Now, I'd to experience again and I pray so hard so that I hope I could see the snow. However I was regret after that. Tell you later...

In case you want to know where is Jiujiang, it is located near to Chang Jiang river 长江 - the longest river in China. So, it is in the middle of China and KL does not has direct flight over there. We need to transit to Guangzhou first then only can reach Nanchang, then take 2 hours car to the hotel. Tired die.

By the time we reached hotel that day was already 11.30pm. Don't ask how was it, it is very tired during the long queue in Guang Zhou custom.

 Jian Guo hotel. which seems so high end.
We love it.

 we have to travel for near to 1hour to reach office everyday.
 meeting room
 so, this is our canteen food. only chopstick was provided.

 Let me took photo with logo. :)
 I have to wear like 4 to 5 layers everyday.
It is 3 to 7 degree for the first week.
Very de cold

 In front of hotel.
Chang jiang river view.
 We are very excited when dinner time.
My China project team will always bring us to different restaurant and it taste good.

 wine or alcohol is a mus in winter!
 The food is awesome. 
Don't ask me what is the name of this food.. I never read any menu.
I just eat whatever they ordered.
 Fish also is a must there, as nearby river, many fresh fish is served with reasonable price.
 Right, I can eat a lot during winter.
I have a good appetite there!
well, I tends to get hungry faster than in Malaysia.
 here we go with the project team
they are very good and kind to us,
They help us a lot especially when communicating with other China people
I can say that China people treat their own people nicer. :P
 Office building.
 This is not a nice alcohol.. it contain like 52% alcohol.. and yuck!

 some thing like 三杯鸡·

 fried chili!

 use wood to cook

 we also tried street food there.
No diarrhea. I'm pretty healthy there!

 I have add on more clothes at night.
 us while waiting for food.
 China Hamburger
 Handmade noodles
 small small shop
 a walk to jetty.
 since not yet snow, I edit some snow there~
 Sateri's own jetty
 Poser!! hahahaha
 Tang yuan
 big pale of rice!

 we changed to another hotel
it said is 5 stars, but it is rather old.

 This time is lake view

 sun set

 we have to walk across the lake for every dinner like 30mins..
 themed restaurant! Soldier theme. heheh

 Big pot of steamboat with fish soup!

 2nd week will be on training room

 dinner treat by boss :)

yucks again!

Almost final day. We finally saw the snow!

 We are so excited wanted to play the snow
after breakfast, quickly ran out.
 It is very slippery.
 It is still snowing!!

 The touch of the snow.
So cold until my hands pain
 Grab it and become ice kacang. hahaaha

 so pretty in white!

 my First snowman
 we try to build one. it is so hard to build pretty one.

We heard that the snow will getting thicker the day we going back.
We afraid that the highway will be closed due to heavy snow so we decided to stay near to airport.
I find a cheap budget hotel there. It is only 5 mins to airport by car.

 cheapo hotel's toilet.
It is not snowing there.
 Manatau the next day when we woke up...
It is covered by snow already...
 we rushed to airport and we saw this:
 there is no plane in airport -.-"
One by one the flight numbers all changed to "delayed" status.
We have to wait like 4 hours in airport for the plane. T.T

We still got one more transit in Guangzhou.
We are damn afraid that we could not make it.
When we reached Guangzhou, it is like 4.30pm. Our next flight is 5.10pm
we run like hell in airport, cut whatever queue we had to, let ppl scold at the back.
Then rush trough custom, damn it, they still want us to take off the shoes, jackets , laptops etc.
then we found a bugee car. charged RMB20 per person. 
Tak apa, bagi saja!!!
Finally.. we reached the gate, and just nice, they just open the gate, on boarding.

We are so glad. T.T
We reached KLIA safe and sound.

What a trip.



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