What a wife wish for a husband to do

Monday, September 24, 2018
Every first baby, you and your husband are new as a parent. Everyone has a first time, do not expect he or she know more than you.  Yes, it is frustrated when baby keep crying and you don't know what he/she wants. Mothers as many aspects or being expected that they know what a baby want, cause mothers had physically connected with baby for 10 months.

As a mum, I'd say yes. It is like you've had special bonding before you husband came to place and ready for it.  Somehow it is not so true too.... because new mum also need some back up.

So, what a husband can do to help out even though not handling babies.Baby can leave to mum temporary:

1) It would be glad that husband do the housework.
 Any housework you can think of. From toilet to clean the drawers, washing and vacuum...else, please hire a part time maid. Thank you.

2) Do the cooking, either order a delivery or bring the food home
 Make sure the kid/wife plates is full with dishes. Even wife is busy feeding baby, husband can offer help to feed the wife or baby. hehe~ (that is my ideal way la)

3) Cook for the kids
If you do not know how to cook.... skip this or learn this.

4) Play with the kids (without having handphone around)

5) Wash the bottles, dishes, clothes (okay, just like back to number 1)
Any feeding bottles that is used, pumps that is left on basin, plates that had just finished feeding the kid.

6) Assist to take all the things (Include baby if you can)
Nappy bag, stroller, walker, groceries...

7) Pack baby nappy bag, bring all the necessities 
Learn to pack the bag, so that you know where the things put.

8) Remind for a baby check up
Baby need routine vaccinations and check up. Mark on your calendar and remind your wife.

All of the above.... if you did few of it, wifey will be grateful :) 

So far, he is improving though. I'm so glad when he said this to me:
"Let me babysit him from now, you do your nursing and get to bed early."
"Come, I help you wash these."
"I will take all of the things here, you just push the baby on stroller."
Actions: take most of the food and put on my food plate.

Hopes you would continue this. 

What a baby give you, as a parent?

Monday, July 2, 2018
Being frustrated over cranky baby, sleepless night, breast feed and pain boobies, using all your resting time, could not go for a shopping day, having a nice peaceful meal, movie marathon, buffet or enjoying coffee morning in a cafe... what else?

All these negatives thought will always cling on you if you keep thinking of it, you will just be as negative as you are and never get rid over it. Why want to lives in such unhappy way? Why we could not think of the gaining we are having?

Being googled after a while, and cross over with my experience, this is what I feel about having a baby. Yes you, my son, with love.

1) Being a parent, appreciate your parent more.
It is just like, you are standing in their shoes. Yes, I said 'in' not 'on'. You understand how they feels and why they did these in the past.  Everything they are doing now and then, you feels like amazing, great and thankful. Really appreciate their helping hands. We are lucky that both our parents are just nearby. Any helps required, they are just few steps away and they are so happy and willing to help out. I would never feel so touched. We feel like we are still being pampered by them even we already a parent.
Well, they said, once parent, forever parent. I think I kinda understand now. :)

2) Baby adores you.
Any sound you make, every gestures, eye contact, bathing them, changing them, feeding them, tells story, no mater how bad is your singing tones, my baby is the best audience! My top and only fans.
They laugh with you no matter what you do or play with them, or just being silly. They slept even I sing out of tunes, they listen to you sometimes (Not always). Puppet shows are their favorite show.

3) Make new friends
Have you ever feel that.... the colleagues that seldom talk to you, suddenly you have so much to talk to? Even in the nursing room, we can chat non stop sometimes.
Then, to my in law. I seldom talk to them because I do not know what to talk about (I am very quiet one)  Now, we have more to share about.
Those neighbor, we had never realized before, suddenly they will just talk to you : How old is your baby? Boy or girl? etc
Friends that we are hardly contact, suddenly we will chat, and they are all helpful, giving all good information, such as baby sales, good products, experience on teaching children, good neighbourhood kiddie/nursery, breastfeed experience, how to manage sick baby.

4) Good EQ
When others' baby is crying, you won't feel annoying, you feel empathy, not angry. Cause they as parent will have some outbreaks that we all understand.
When others' is getting your way, you will be just, nevermind lah
When things won't get in the way you want, you will be just like, let it be.

5) Accepted that you do not need  to be perfect
Messy house, toys, Toilet stains, basin dirt, a mountain of laundry, dusty racks...children grows continuously to test you. When you get use to holding them while feeding, they do not want to be hold any more. when you likely to feel that you are changing them fast enough, they will flipped faster than you change them. When you feel that you able to cope with the flip, they already wanted to stand and start crawling. When you ready to catch them from fall, they already want to RUN. When you feel that you are fine because you joined a lot of marathon (not saying me), you could never imaging how hard is to chasing a tiny person. Why? Because they are tiny, they can run through all the tiny holes or crowds beneath your view, you could just always bump on others than catching them. "You worry less about achieving the ideal in anything, from the state of your house to the inside of your purse." - well said.

6) You built a FAMILY
I still cant believe I gave birth to this cute son.  Once we had a kid, husband and I is a team. and this little guy, is all mine!

Do you agree for the above?



Wednesday, May 9, 2018
我不是不允许你发泄,但是你几时才觉悟,带孩子本来就不容易?你真的是没有时间,但你得到另外的喜悦。你明白吗? 有谁说顾孩子不苦的?是的话,叫他站出来,一整天给他自己一个人带,看他苦吗? 说不苦的人,因为不是他带。 我是说完全给他带哦,没人可以帮他。
我从来不觉的为人父母容易,但我至少不怨,因为我知道,他需要我们。他带给我不同的喜悦,经历,开心,磨练等。我也接受我没有自己的生活,只要他健康开心,我就满足。有怨也是为什么他哭,为什么我不早点发现这样他不舒服? 当然,我也要睡眠。至少3-4小时,我可以的。
请你快快觉悟。请你不要带心情顾孩子。成人的我们,应该能管理自己的EQ。 让我们好好教育下一代。合作愉快!


Working-mum cum expressing breastmilk

Friday, March 16, 2018

My office's nursing room

Wanted to share about my life as a working and expressing breastmilk mum.
I am so grateful that my company has 4 nursing rooms that we can pump breast milk as well as resting.
I could say that it is not as simple as u think, but it is quite fast to get use when you do it everyday. I can express more milk during working than weekend.
What need to be bring?

A medium large container. This is for storing the funnels and pumping parts. This is also useful when u washing the bottles.

Like this.
I have another set of these (the above) in the office, so that I won't forget to bring.
I will sterilized every weekend. While in office, I just sterilized with hot water.

Ice bag. It is a backpack. Practically useful, cause u can carry your baby at the same time. Just that a bit smaller than I think.

Upper bag storage, I put my pump and tissues.

Lower stack is ice bag. Inside is ice bricks(at least 4)

U gonna have bottle brush and bottle cleanser as well. Don't forget your marker.

Bring whole lots of milk storage bags and put in office. The bottle is lecithin. I pack in another glass bottle to put in my desk drawer.

What I do everyday?
Depend on my schedule. Currently I pump 6hourly. So 6am, I pump at home. Washed my home funnels and bottles. Packed my pump and ice bricks into my backpack. Out to office.
Reached office, I put my ice bricks into office's fridge freezer.

At 11am, go to nursing room and pump. Before that, I refill storage bags in to my backpack and bring containers to nursing room. Started pumping.

11.20am, store my container (with bottles) inside lower fridge (lazy to wash). I store my breastmilk into the lower fridge too.

5pm, same process as above. Just that when finished pump, I will wash the parts and rinse with hot water. Covered inside container.

After that, go to the fridge, put my ice bricks back into my ice bag, don't forget the breastmilk as well. I put all into my ice bag and waited to go home.

Once homed, quickly store my breast milk and ice bricks into the freezer. Don't forget to recharged my pump as well. Normally I don't bring the electric adapter as my pump as rechargeable battery.

In case you are having engorged breast, I will ise my breastmilk storage bag, pour warm wster and put on the engorged area.

Reminder: If your bricks is half melt, better do not keep your milk in the ice bag. freeze the ice pack first.

Check list
 - Breastpump set
 - Container
 - Breast milk storage bag
 - Marker
 - Bottle brush
 - Bottle cleanser
 - Ice Bag
 - Ice bricks
 - Tissues
- Hands free Bra (Optional) or nursing bra

enjoy pumping~!


Saturday, February 3, 2018



那个受损的感觉,就是你没碰它,你也觉得两边刺辣的一直疼。连衣服碰一下,你都想打人。 很多人说用自己奶抹就好。可恶是我抹来抹去,一星期还没好! 有忍痛让他吸,但是最后我投降了。其他妈妈怎么做到?我不理了,不比较了。只要我喂人奶就好,瓶喂也好,汤匙喂也好,目的一样就可以了。


过后,护士依然挤我奶一下,说很多啊! 我自己也feel到胸部有刺刺麻麻地(我过后才懂是胸部填奶中,叫奶阵)就用手捏。果然是有20ml。过后我都用单边挤奶器,泵出。坐月时,听说一边挤30分钟,啊!我们要用一个小时pump?我哪有时间? 就立刻去买双挤奶器。

就样开始母牛期。半夜也要挤。喝完汤,都有奶阵。我奶阵很频密。4小时泵一次,从20ml 到280ml 一次。不久,我就经历草莓奶,粉色奶出来。明显我奶头还没好。还要继续挤。

那种你坐也痛,躺也痛的日子。。。我快点上网查,用热敷,再按摩,然后手挤,再manual pump,再用机器。十多个小时后,终于好了。好死不死,几天后又来了。有时同一个地方塞,有时另一个塞。一次比一次难痛。 幸好我遇到一位多奶妈妈,我们同个檳城中学。她刚好也生不久,她看到我fb post主动和我聊天。就这样叫教了我很多哺乳知识。






Thursday, January 11, 2018

无可否认,老人家有很多说法,说:在宝宝面前别说坏或好话。。定义?宝宝永远会将话反射行为却是相反。例如:宝宝好乖,宝宝听后,就不乖,是,马上变不乖?我不知道。当你发现时,或许可能太迟了。你说我信吗?还好吧。。。老人家说别说,就别说,那,我用写的。那那。。我可没说哦! 若有天我孩子看到这,不知他敢想如何?希望他体谅我们父母的苦,孝顺我们多一点(不需用钱来回报,多多花点时间,谈亲爱就好)。


13)  妈妈又石头奶,痛死了。很想放弃,却不忍心。。手挤吧,不能,那机器挤。。也不能,痛了十多小事才挤出。


Saturday, December 16, 2017
当妈后, 不是你想象简单。医院实行让妈带24小时,试想想,我凌晨3点醒, 8'30早上用九牛二虎之力,生了个宝宝,整天没睡,伤口莫名隐隐作痛,站也不是,坐也不是。宝宝哭了就勤喂。真的没时间入眠。
晚上,以为可以睡了。。。但情况不是那样。老公要睡地上,没有而外的躺椅,但却有陪睡就好。隔壁没病人。 本以为很好奇。 半夜1点,有人进病房。老公不得回去睡觉,留我一人。
我是新手,被逼坚持下去。连抱,我都怕弄伤,我不会换尿布,喂奶也只能让宝宝吸,不知对吗。 若其他原因他哭,我真的不知道怎办。
当时我很累,情绪差,我想很多,该和宝宝一起还是我先出院? 该死的双人房,每次吵醒宝宝。十分累。一边想出院,另一边我父母坚持我留下陪宝宝。 唉。。。 顿时难过哭了,在众人面前。 幸好老公和我一起。当晚,他也留下,他说他可以睡在客房的沙发, 我们轮流。
我们七手八脚弄好宝宝。其时间我也只睡一小时最多,大多数喂奶,然后他哭,我也醒。老公和我不会换尿布,就叫护士帮忙,我们在一边学。宝宝换尿布也哭很大声。他有时呕奶,衣服湿了,叫护士帮,我们也在一边看。 包他时,我们手脚慢,护士看不过眼,  帮我们包,我们也在一边趁机学。就这样,我们敢敢来,越来越熟悉了。 虽然老公还怕帮他更衣换尿布,因为他一哭, 老公就乱了阵脚。而我,管他哭到比例吧啦,就是稳稳换好。 我鼓励他是可以的,只要想一心为他好,宝宝哭也不怕了。 总于,老公也可以自己亲为了。
第3天宝宝哭到不行,亲喂到我奶头痛,换尿布了,还哭。。。实在不行,我们才用奶粉。果然他很饿了。我便想办法挤奶。幸好带了挤奶器。挤了20ml, 也算满意。虽然他是喝不饱的。

 第4天晚上,我们总于换到单人房。 其实双人房和单人房价钱一样。第五天,他需要照灯,黄指数高了点。 但是可以出院了!


Thursday, December 7, 2017
我放好卫生巾,再收拾东西,如水壶,钱包,充电器等。。其实心里很紧张。 东走西走,水流更多,很怕宝宝缺氧。出门前,再换卫生巾就走。
路途上,感觉有点痛了。 很规律,5分钟一次。这痛我还顶得住。我告诉他,我终于知道什么是经痛的感觉了。他笑笑回应我。到了医院都4时了,哪里护士还轻松地问我们什么事。。。过后叫我进房换衣躺着。过了一阵才有人看我。 她们查看心跳和阵痛,20分钟后才叫我去另一张床。可能去证实我是否要生了? 她们查了只开1指(内捡=医生伸手指进子宫颈查看)。之后确认我可以进产房待产。


她:等一下。 我等很久了,还没来。 再叫一次护士 她才带仪器查我。我想,开什么玩笑,已经很痛了! 对她们来说,我进院才开1指,段不会就这么痛吧。听到她们这样对话。。。我心也想,该不会只是1指就酱痛吧,那10指我怎么挨?
仪器需要20分钟测试。查了后,我看到仪器现实阵痛有渐进100指数了!!!护士教我呼吸不痛法。真的不这么痛了!隔壁病床孕妇也和我讲话了,这才好,可以转移专注力。聊一下,必须停一下让我呼吸阵痛。原来隔壁病床已是第三胎了! 她说现在痛,后面要生时就不会疼了。
8时,医生来查,开4指了,我可以进产房待产了! 我心想,我终于可以打无痛了! 我在想,开4指都酱痛10指怎么挨???我打电话叫老公去产房(我还可以打电话),可以准备了。8'30am, 查一下,已经开了9指,我心想什么? 医生也来了,老公到了(幸好老公没回在楼下等我),我们还很惊讶。。。老公问医生,可以打无痛吗?
医生: 对!来,准备。。。
第二次不对力。。第三次,我使用九牛二虎之力,推到了很高峰,医生也说用对力了,继续。推了一半就不能不继续,我吸一口气,再用力!  还和医生说:不行了!不行了! (这时老公说我脸红到不行,很怕我断气)
一说完,扑一声,出来了! 这时好像人生大了一坨很大的粪。医生接过宝宝,就听到宝宝哭声。医生把他放在我肚上,还能感觉脐带连接着。我也顿时不知如何处理他。宝宝不多血,只是在哭。
医生应该剪着脐带。不久宝宝就抱走。医生则一直按着我肚子, 问了一下,原来他在按着好让胎盘脱落。过了一下,胎盘也出来了。
护士叫老公去看孩子,便出去了。这时,医生打了一针麻醉在大腿内侧,然后开始缝针。 缝了很久,实习医生也看着。 偶尔会觉得痛,尤其他用手指伸进肛门缝时。。。我偶尔挣扎了一下。一个医生看到了,把一个吸管给我,说痛的话可以吸。 当我吸时,根本。。。没用。还是疼。 缝针比我生孩子还久,缝了半个小时。生只用10分钟。。。
过后我就送回去病房。 隔壁病人也很惊讶,这么快完成了。当时接近12时了。


Misc of preggy

Sunday, October 29, 2017
hubby is hilarious in picture, as in he want to eat watermelon

End of October, why you so hot??
I could just melt
my baby also feel very hot
I would have take out my clothes or half to fan the baby
I even asked my colleague, do office open aircond?
while my colleague is wearing jacket, i switch on my mini fans. damn!

October means a lot for me. I went in to this company 7 years ago. 
I learned a lots, and I'm still learning
from promoted, people management to .... speechless moment
what I'm glad is, she is still beside me no matter what.
She came in 2 days later than me. We could said that same batch, but she is younger than me la.
I never see her as competitors, even she does, i will look into her good side and learn from her.
She could speak to anyone which I still cannot.
when I've got memory lost, she is the one recall those for me.
She won't bossy around, she won't simply tell out secret to anyone which I feel so safe with her
She encourage me no matter in work or in personal things
feeling so grateful to have you everyday.
Happy 7th anniversary!

 craving for nyonya food, and here we went!


let you see my big foot, with two holes...
I pressed it and it became like this for a few minutes
 yes, water retention.. well
cannot do anything with it when in the 3rd trimester.
bear with it!!

 I was boring that time, and think of this.
I combine them together. 
Father and son, do they look the same??

check up is required monthly
then check up in kk is required bi-weekly
this is because I've got low hemoglobin(HB) level
Last week, I've got to level 12 already! damn happy!
I hope it remain.

During this whole pregnancy, I was asked to follow diet to make good irons
I not really followed, but i tried my best. 
both parent and parent-in-law also help by giving me red dates water and chinese herbal to keep up my HB level. It is sad every time I went to clinic, it still not maintained in that normal level.
Klinik kesihatan also recommend me to seek nutritionist which is free.
I need to take meat every meal, less rice, at least bayam, high iron food.
Plus I'm over weight. Which need extra careful with diet.
I started to take oats, wholemeal breads, red rice...
My weight maintained!

But now... it gained drastically again!!!
aiyo, don't care already.
Currently near to 35 weeks.
I can feel my baby is heavier.
Last check up, he is already 2kg!
Wait, means the rest of 18kg is with me.
How am I going to slim down?

I think I'll be big fat mama later on.

Haih, that time only worry bah!


Wednesday, October 18, 2017

首先,我来介绍一下,我是你妈妈~ 现在32周了,开始期待你的来临了。拜托出生时,给妈妈顺利一下,哈哈哈,这么快给你要条件。


还记得。。第17个星期时,早上,当我赖着床,平躺在床上,突然觉得肚子有点跳动,两下。我真的好奇是不是你。因为肚子不会无端端跳的。传个简讯跟爸爸说了。他说,是真的吗?还很早呀。。。我也这么认为,不以为然。 之后,慢慢的,平躺时,你都咕噜似的动一下,我觉得,真的是你! 微微地,温柔的。 以后,当我坐着或躺着,都可以感觉到你了。 感觉很实在!那时,爸爸也要触觉你,当他手放在我肚皮,你就不动了!很调皮。当医生照你时,你就一直在动,连医生都很难找到位子,看你是否健康。也让妈咪躺了很久。我只好默默跟你说,乖乖,不要动几分钟,之后我们可以回家,你要怎么动都可以。你真的听话了,都让医生顺利看到所要看到的地方。





Link: https://youtu.be/fGsYTaBUJjM


Tuesday, October 10, 2017



Sunday, October 8, 2017

哭时,抱抱,别说太多,一句:“别担心,我都在身边。”, 她会好些。
生气时,哄哄:“来,要喝什么吃什么,给你买/ 还是来个按摩?” ,她会好些。




Taobao Baby & mummy stuff

Saturday, October 7, 2017
Hi All!

Yes, I'd been taobao-ing non stop. Here is another wave!


Okay, this is not baby stuff, it is for stress free. I can poke whenever I wan in office. Hahahaha

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/544352404346.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

Disposable panties, use when I in confinement, so that I do not need my mother in law/husband to help me wash panties.

 I chose cotton type material so that is more comfortable. It come with individual packaging!

Bought one box for one month. hehe

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=39206676189&toSite=main&sku_properties=20509:29696

Confinement clothes... actually I bought because it is easy for nursing. It is all in long sleeves... well, I think can wear at night gua....

Didn't really wear it yet. Material not bad. come with bibs, but the bibs kinda thick and a lot furry stuff came out when washing. made me need to re wash other clothes again. Thinking to throw the bibs or not.

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/553222119311.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

Such a cute and lovely baby hats. You also can choose thicker material. In m'sia do not need so.

 I chosen bear ears hats for little tan. :)
Soft nice cotton!

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/540364199463.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

 Okay, I admit I very scare of cutting other's nails... moreover it is infant.
I found this machine helps. It is spinning type trimmer and come with range of top which suit for baby and adults too. No fuss after that.

 I tried, it is supper quiet. Green one is for new born till month 4, then use pink and blue subsequently.
Adult just use grey.

 I like it cause it is pink! Uses AA batteries.

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=544432556077&toSite=main&skuId=3445107623791

Infant clothes set. It is not RMB150 a set, it is RMB80 a set with 3 long sleeves clothes.

 close up!

with bootie! no need socks for the night!

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/557513442915.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

 Soft toy for the boy. Purposely chose no fur one.

 I know white is ... nvm~ I don't know how long he would play on it.

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/536410427509.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

 Another long sleeves without booties. I bought like 5 pieces with various sizes.

 Not bad cotton!

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/543589399697.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

 Swaddle, easy wrap one:
 Bought in price RMB 19.80 only after discount. Supermarket is like RM36!
 Sorry, can't take a proper picture, unless I wrap my teddy bear. hahaha

Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/521450287828.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

Thought of buying these for my hospital bag, but too small...
 I use for other stuff lah~
 Link: https://world.taobao.com/item/549677563135.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

Mittens and booties
 Cute ho?

 I hope he can wear because the opening like so big. unless he is born like Michelin.

Link: https://detail.tmall.com/item.htm?id=536889235209&toSite=main&sku_properties=20017:7201299

Not sure if I'm so free or what, I'd been thinking wanted to buy or not. But at last I bought this.
This book is to record all his grows up details! with pictures and nice coat color pages as well.

Hope I got time to do it.


 Bibs! I'm obsessed bout bibs, because they all look so nice! Some with tux or formal bow!

 Kinda thick material. well, hope it cover enough saliva for my kid. hahaha~
 Nice right?

Link1: https://world.taobao.com/item/525954153226.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

Link 2: https://world.taobao.com/item/548270048374.htm?fromSite=main&spm=a1z09.

That is all, hope you all like it!



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