What a baby give you, as a parent?

Monday, July 2, 2018
Being frustrated over cranky baby, sleepless night, breast feed and pain boobies, using all your resting time, could not go for a shopping day, having a nice peaceful meal, movie marathon, buffet or enjoying coffee morning in a cafe... what else?

All these negatives thought will always cling on you if you keep thinking of it, you will just be as negative as you are and never get rid over it. Why want to lives in such unhappy way? Why we could not think of the gaining we are having?

Being googled after a while, and cross over with my experience, this is what I feel about having a baby. Yes you, my son, with love.

1) Being a parent, appreciate your parent more.
It is just like, you are standing in their shoes. Yes, I said 'in' not 'on'. You understand how they feels and why they did these in the past.  Everything they are doing now and then, you feels like amazing, great and thankful. Really appreciate their helping hands. We are lucky that both our parents are just nearby. Any helps required, they are just few steps away and they are so happy and willing to help out. I would never feel so touched. We feel like we are still being pampered by them even we already a parent.
Well, they said, once parent, forever parent. I think I kinda understand now. :)

2) Baby adores you.
Any sound you make, every gestures, eye contact, bathing them, changing them, feeding them, tells story, no mater how bad is your singing tones, my baby is the best audience! My top and only fans.
They laugh with you no matter what you do or play with them, or just being silly. They slept even I sing out of tunes, they listen to you sometimes (Not always). Puppet shows are their favorite show.

3) Make new friends
Have you ever feel that.... the colleagues that seldom talk to you, suddenly you have so much to talk to? Even in the nursing room, we can chat non stop sometimes.
Then, to my in law. I seldom talk to them because I do not know what to talk about (I am very quiet one)  Now, we have more to share about.
Those neighbor, we had never realized before, suddenly they will just talk to you : How old is your baby? Boy or girl? etc
Friends that we are hardly contact, suddenly we will chat, and they are all helpful, giving all good information, such as baby sales, good products, experience on teaching children, good neighbourhood kiddie/nursery, breastfeed experience, how to manage sick baby.

4) Good EQ
When others' baby is crying, you won't feel annoying, you feel empathy, not angry. Cause they as parent will have some outbreaks that we all understand.
When others' is getting your way, you will be just, nevermind lah
When things won't get in the way you want, you will be just like, let it be.

5) Accepted that you do not need  to be perfect
Messy house, toys, Toilet stains, basin dirt, a mountain of laundry, dusty racks...children grows continuously to test you. When you get use to holding them while feeding, they do not want to be hold any more. when you likely to feel that you are changing them fast enough, they will flipped faster than you change them. When you feel that you able to cope with the flip, they already wanted to stand and start crawling. When you ready to catch them from fall, they already want to RUN. When you feel that you are fine because you joined a lot of marathon (not saying me), you could never imaging how hard is to chasing a tiny person. Why? Because they are tiny, they can run through all the tiny holes or crowds beneath your view, you could just always bump on others than catching them. "You worry less about achieving the ideal in anything, from the state of your house to the inside of your purse." - well said.

6) You built a FAMILY
I still cant believe I gave birth to this cute son.  Once we had a kid, husband and I is a team. and this little guy, is all mine!

Do you agree for the above?





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