What a wife wish for a husband to do

Monday, September 24, 2018
Every first baby, you and your husband are new as a parent. Everyone has a first time, do not expect he or she know more than you.  Yes, it is frustrated when baby keep crying and you don't know what he/she wants. Mothers as many aspects or being expected that they know what a baby want, cause mothers had physically connected with baby for 10 months.

As a mum, I'd say yes. It is like you've had special bonding before you husband came to place and ready for it.  Somehow it is not so true too.... because new mum also need some back up.

So, what a husband can do to help out even though not handling babies.Baby can leave to mum temporary:

1) It would be glad that husband do the housework.
 Any housework you can think of. From toilet to clean the drawers, washing and vacuum...else, please hire a part time maid. Thank you.

2) Do the cooking, either order a delivery or bring the food home
 Make sure the kid/wife plates is full with dishes. Even wife is busy feeding baby, husband can offer help to feed the wife or baby. hehe~ (that is my ideal way la)

3) Cook for the kids
If you do not know how to cook.... skip this or learn this.

4) Play with the kids (without having handphone around)

5) Wash the bottles, dishes, clothes (okay, just like back to number 1)
Any feeding bottles that is used, pumps that is left on basin, plates that had just finished feeding the kid.

6) Assist to take all the things (Include baby if you can)
Nappy bag, stroller, walker, groceries...

7) Pack baby nappy bag, bring all the necessities 
Learn to pack the bag, so that you know where the things put.

8) Remind for a baby check up
Baby need routine vaccinations and check up. Mark on your calendar and remind your wife.

All of the above.... if you did few of it, wifey will be grateful :) 

So far, he is improving though. I'm so glad when he said this to me:
"Let me babysit him from now, you do your nursing and get to bed early."
"Come, I help you wash these."
"I will take all of the things here, you just push the baby on stroller."
Actions: take most of the food and put on my food plate.

Hopes you would continue this. 





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