Working-mum cum expressing breastmilk

Friday, March 16, 2018

My office's nursing room

Wanted to share about my life as a working and expressing breastmilk mum.
I am so grateful that my company has 4 nursing rooms that we can pump breast milk as well as resting.
I could say that it is not as simple as u think, but it is quite fast to get use when you do it everyday. I can express more milk during working than weekend.
What need to be bring?

A medium large container. This is for storing the funnels and pumping parts. This is also useful when u washing the bottles.

Like this.
I have another set of these (the above) in the office, so that I won't forget to bring.
I will sterilized every weekend. While in office, I just sterilized with hot water.

Ice bag. It is a backpack. Practically useful, cause u can carry your baby at the same time. Just that a bit smaller than I think.

Upper bag storage, I put my pump and tissues.

Lower stack is ice bag. Inside is ice bricks(at least 4)

U gonna have bottle brush and bottle cleanser as well. Don't forget your marker.

Bring whole lots of milk storage bags and put in office. The bottle is lecithin. I pack in another glass bottle to put in my desk drawer.

What I do everyday?
Depend on my schedule. Currently I pump 6hourly. So 6am, I pump at home. Washed my home funnels and bottles. Packed my pump and ice bricks into my backpack. Out to office.
Reached office, I put my ice bricks into office's fridge freezer.

At 11am, go to nursing room and pump. Before that, I refill storage bags in to my backpack and bring containers to nursing room. Started pumping.

11.20am, store my container (with bottles) inside lower fridge (lazy to wash). I store my breastmilk into the lower fridge too.

5pm, same process as above. Just that when finished pump, I will wash the parts and rinse with hot water. Covered inside container.

After that, go to the fridge, put my ice bricks back into my ice bag, don't forget the breastmilk as well. I put all into my ice bag and waited to go home.

Once homed, quickly store my breast milk and ice bricks into the freezer. Don't forget to recharged my pump as well. Normally I don't bring the electric adapter as my pump as rechargeable battery.

In case you are having engorged breast, I will ise my breastmilk storage bag, pour warm wster and put on the engorged area.

Reminder: If your bricks is half melt, better do not keep your milk in the ice bag. freeze the ice pack first.

Check list
 - Breastpump set
 - Container
 - Breast milk storage bag
 - Marker
 - Bottle brush
 - Bottle cleanser
 - Ice Bag
 - Ice bricks
 - Tissues
- Hands free Bra (Optional) or nursing bra

enjoy pumping~!





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