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Sunday, October 29, 2017
hubby is hilarious in picture, as in he want to eat watermelon

End of October, why you so hot??
I could just melt
my baby also feel very hot
I would have take out my clothes or half to fan the baby
I even asked my colleague, do office open aircond?
while my colleague is wearing jacket, i switch on my mini fans. damn!

October means a lot for me. I went in to this company 7 years ago. 
I learned a lots, and I'm still learning
from promoted, people management to .... speechless moment
what I'm glad is, she is still beside me no matter what.
She came in 2 days later than me. We could said that same batch, but she is younger than me la.
I never see her as competitors, even she does, i will look into her good side and learn from her.
She could speak to anyone which I still cannot.
when I've got memory lost, she is the one recall those for me.
She won't bossy around, she won't simply tell out secret to anyone which I feel so safe with her
She encourage me no matter in work or in personal things
feeling so grateful to have you everyday.
Happy 7th anniversary!

 craving for nyonya food, and here we went!


let you see my big foot, with two holes...
I pressed it and it became like this for a few minutes
 yes, water retention.. well
cannot do anything with it when in the 3rd trimester.
bear with it!!

 I was boring that time, and think of this.
I combine them together. 
Father and son, do they look the same??

check up is required monthly
then check up in kk is required bi-weekly
this is because I've got low hemoglobin(HB) level
Last week, I've got to level 12 already! damn happy!
I hope it remain.

During this whole pregnancy, I was asked to follow diet to make good irons
I not really followed, but i tried my best. 
both parent and parent-in-law also help by giving me red dates water and chinese herbal to keep up my HB level. It is sad every time I went to clinic, it still not maintained in that normal level.
Klinik kesihatan also recommend me to seek nutritionist which is free.
I need to take meat every meal, less rice, at least bayam, high iron food.
Plus I'm over weight. Which need extra careful with diet.
I started to take oats, wholemeal breads, red rice...
My weight maintained!

But now... it gained drastically again!!!
aiyo, don't care already.
Currently near to 35 weeks.
I can feel my baby is heavier.
Last check up, he is already 2kg!
Wait, means the rest of 18kg is with me.
How am I going to slim down?

I think I'll be big fat mama later on.

Haih, that time only worry bah!





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