April Prank

Thursday, April 2, 2009
Yeah... I fooled 2 ppl! haha, actually I am not thinking of fooling ppl today. Have been busy at the office, no time to think of a way to cheat. Untill Lunch time.. miao told me the stories..and what had happened before when april fool. I just got the mood on! thanks to Miao. hahaha, as shows below:

Prank 1: after I finished work, reached home, I on9..as usual. I saw adeline on9... oh ya, chances came. hahaha... I tell her that I get fired!! (choi choi!!) she very concern. she asked y? how come... well..don wanna cheat any deeper, I said HAPPY APRIL FOOL! then she said : HAIYO.... so old liao still play meh! while, I think, this is the EVENT. hehe.

Prank 2: I chat to ah Maw. I told him that WC got bf already. he half believe, half dont. I guess..I failed!! but nvm la... I din tell him the truth yet..up to him, I juz said I gtg, wanna dinner, then off9. hahhaha

prank 3: I sms kw, said that today at bout 8.30pm-9pm will have shooting stars at Putrajaya. I read at The Star newspapers(sorry ya the star),make a wish n take pic for me. He called me after that and said : sorry i not interested in stars... or are u interested?I come to fetch u there see,ok? Oh...I got him. but I said: no, is ok, by the time i go to ur place(he stay in cyberjaya), the stars gone. then hesaid ok, hang up. after that I call back him and said: happy April fool. he's like: huh! cheat me la...next time on this date, if really somethings happened, I don believe d!!

I think....shd be. if really somethings that's happened...really nobody will believe. gosh...how is this april fool created??(view this page for info>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/April_Fools'_Day) so...y think so much? enjoy your april fool. How is your april fool? get cheated? cheated ppl?

there is another stories that miao told me. this is happened to my secondary friends that get cheated on April fool day last time.
A friend sms miao: hey, u know C in accident!! he now in XYZ hospital!!
miao: really? then sms spread whole other friends that know C, then call C: how r u?
C: U get fooled,is april fool!
miao: shit! she quickly sms D & E friend which both of them already on the way to XYZ hosp!!! hohoho

another story 2:
Miao sms CM: hey go look at the sky. today got 2 moons!
CM replied: where got moon?so cloudy, cant see the moon!
miao: gotcha...lol


{ miao } at: April 6, 2009 at 9:57 AM said...

happy apr fool~~~~~~~~ hahahaha apr 6 edi tim..this year didnt cheat u..next year lar

{ Joanne } at: April 6, 2009 at 10:42 AM said...

don wan!!!




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