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Friday, April 10, 2009
Hm... where shd I start? well...just bout the trip thing that made me feel like I have to learn more. I'm indeed not good enough in organising things yet. I will learn. Things when wrong when I didn't took much concern to kw's side. He told me everything is too rushing, didn't give them some days to think and our decision changed very fast! He said again agent would affraid of us coz such a huge group going, everything no need so rush as there are still 2 months ahead. then that time they edi start class. they afraid there is sup paper (choi choi!) that will held on tat week. They afraid there is lab class (that the lausy lecturer would fail them if they juz absent once,in other word, die oso must go.) their industrail training is also started..." how would u know if there is any planning in 2mths ahead?" he said. (I was '....'speechless)

This is his side of story. I really dono will take so much courage to ponteng a day class. Yes, actually we shd consider their side. Yes, I admit I neglected. then how? Since there are so many risks, miao also suggest that we split grp. means, i'll go with kw side(in the other day), and miao join her group. she don wan we both argue or then face black black to the trip (miao. thx for the idea,i did ask kw tis, he said no need as edi scolded once, change again will get scolded 2nd time. but hello, still got 2 mths...impossible face black till 2 mths) choi! Yes again, I was too rushing. but we tried to make things fast so that wont drag that long. Booking things ain't that easy. follow rules and regulation is also our responsibility. asking such big grp ppl, after that no place, no air tickets,we have to scolded by 16ppl?! that is also our risk. Getting a leave off is easy for us (the working ppl) 2 mths ahead, yes, but there is also some reason that boss will not approve. I did asked for a friend's opinion, the friend juz said: u r stupid! hahahaha, y? shdn't made such big grps and cannot really joined 2 sides together(means gf side n bf side).

Things settle, stick to the old plan. I appreciated he willing to get scolded bcoz of me. he appreciated v tried our best to find cheap n worth trip. at last, we both thank each other. hahaha, We are like tat!

Done, today, after work, I will straight go Penang with YC, she drive!Yay!! Penang food here i come!see u all on monday!

p/s: Marccus, my GTL,lol!!


{ miao } at: April 10, 2009 at 10:41 AM said...

i also wanna go penang~~~~~

after hear the story from kw's side ho..they got they reason to not confirm us asap lor..so we both also got mistake lar.. we just think our side just want fast fast confirm pay agent money, book air tic, gao tim everythng..urge kw side..aiks.. sorry ar kw..kekeke..but kw also got mistake he should have tell us their concern so we know lor.. :P

in short COMMUNICATION is very important !!! how u communicate also very important..

{ miao } at: April 10, 2009 at 10:43 AM said...

ya my friend also scold me..dont organize for so many ppl next time!! uhh ok...so next time will ask few oni.. =) or maybe no next time ? haha

im glad u two ok liao ^^

{ Joanne } at: April 10, 2009 at 10:54 AM said...

thx...ya, next time few enuf

yc at: April 10, 2009 at 2:46 PM said...

glad u settle ur prob..anyway hope we hv a safe trip to pg enjoy all da nice food n our holidays...




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