My ADORABLE cousin bro

Tuesday, June 9, 2009
He is 12 Years old. shorter than me. He is too CUTE that I cannot resist to slap him, or hantam him...or...etc.. why do i say so??? below are some scenes (noted, he only came for 4 days and the stories flow!!):

Scene 1:
When he just arrive at my grandpa's funeral...
i was reading something, and suddenly something distracted me. He is holding his hp(his dad one actually, a cheap nokia model),raising his hand in front of my sight, when i look what he got for the first time, he quickly hide his hand behind his back. Like his hp very precious.... then twice, third time....I don wan bother him, felt irritate if he continues, so I turned and look at him. He said: Do u have hp? U see I have (smiling face)...
he just wanna show off....too bad my hp is under constructions....but luckily oso, if not he sure wanna play with it.
Then i just show him my cheap hp too...don care...whatever...
He saw then said : lend me lend me... (then i know i was trapped)
sure i don wan lend him!!!duh...

scene 2:
where the night many relatives came. One of my aunt was shocked by his moves.
He hit my aunt's shoulder and tell my aunt (like very close): Hey! Long time no see, U very slim d wor....!
My aunt was like....huh?? i din even met u before...=.="

Scene 3:
also the same night as scene 2, He like to campur with those old ppl or adults. Even he not met b4. Even I dono who is who. He then tell them : lai! what u wanna drink? got kopi, teh, chinese tea...mai kek ki (don shy shy)...
After he serves all of them, he even sit together with them. He will then say: slowly drink, no need rush....bla bla... (come on, the adult all toking, he is saying those unrelated things!)

Scene 4:
He was drinking Kopi, sitting opposite me. He then dip nut into the kopi and eat. my aunt saw then ask : yer, y u eat like tat??
I was joking : neh, bro teach one lo(tat time my bro sit bside him)
He dono i was joking, he get mad and then kick me!! His action is too sudden, I cant manage to avoid him. He said: who said bro teach one? don luan luan said! I tell u ah, don simply said ah!
even my aunt n bro shocked... i was aunt saw then said: hey, cannot kick jie jie de!, but he still kick. after that, he dip his nut into my bro's kopi. (using is hand). what the...

Scene 5:
me, uncle, bro n mum was sitting together chatting. he came and drink mineral water. then He like suddenly feel like wanna play, he drink his water then said:I can 'boo' u, u know! then he hold his water in his mouth, got the intention wanna spray on my bro. bro said : eh eh, u try n see! he then really wanna do it, but din la, coz my uncle stop him. then he turn his intention to my uncle. got a few drops flow out from his mouth. My mum saw, and then scold: wei, U don do huh! You do I slap u wan ah, no joke one! (mum very fierce). He then stop and walk away.

Scene 6:
while on the bus to Semenyih, i sit with cousin sis(his sister). my bro sit with another cousin, so he left alone. His mum wanna sit with him, but he don wan, then his dad wanna sit with him, he don wan oso. after tat another uncle came, he ask tat uncle sit with him, the uncle don wan, wanna sit behind. i n cousin sis laugh at the back. he then wanna move to sit with my mum. My mum 'shoo' him off!my mum rather sit alone. hhahaha, no one sit with him.

scene 7:
on the noon when everyone went for a nap. left me n him in the living room.I was watching astro. He playing his stuff. he then walk towards kitchen. i tot he wanna go bathroom, so i don care. (my room oso near kitchen, my bro sleeping in there). after tat he ran towards me, laughing said : i go knock ur bro's door lo, I don wan let him sleep coz he sleep like pig, hahaha, who ask him don wan lend me tat thing to play, I wake him up! (after tat he sit down act like no body's business), I was...quite angry, then my bro really came out from the room and said: who knock the door?! tat time tat cousin bro edi put signal on me tat don wan to tell my bro. I don care, straight point to him. My bro angry then warned: U try to knock some more and see, u'll know!! then he go back to sleep. tat cousin bro scold me woh! : wei! who ask u to tell him I do one? huh!
I really mad: U try to knock some more, i go knock ur dad wake up! (really fierce)
he then beh syok.

scene 8:
My aunt was sick after tat. she edi went to consult doc. but still having fever after med. She was resting in room. Before that we had plan eat with uncle they all when dinner time. itu cousin bro, came to me and said: I think hor, my mum cannot go eat dinner d, she very sick, cannot eat rice, later fever more serious. hoh, u tell ur dad, later don eat dinner d. (he is concerning his mum, i know, but the way he toking is like ah pek, and is commending me!!!I beh syok) I said: later only see la. then he said: later at 7pm, remember remind me to ask mum eat med lo, u know ah, remember u know!.....
#$%^*& ---these words flows in my mind again...

scene 9:
After lunch at 2pm, 3pm he ask his mum wanna drink milo. ok, he go stir. then at bout 4-5pm, his mum ask his dad if wanna drink kopi. he then run together with his mum to kitchen "keh poh", and come back to living room with his own cup of kopi too. I then ask him (seriously I was so regret talking to him this time): I tot u just now u already drink??
He: where got?? no ah! mana got?
I: got ah...u old edi hor?
He: No la, I din drink la...
He: perhaps I old d...(after a while) oh ya, that is milo la! milo and kopi is the same meh?? u dono how to differentiate ah? u old d ah!!
$%^&% for the second time, I scold myself, and wanna go slap him.
I patiently don wan look or bother him!!

Scene 10:
He asking his dad to charge the hp. His mum scold him: U got very big business hor? need to take hp meh? hah?no need take la! charge for wat?

He stared at his mum for bout 30 seconds, then do his thing very 'beh syok' and then stared his mum back like wanna eat his mum, his mum don bother him, keep watching astro.

For this moment, I really feel like wanna take pillow n smack to his head and scold him...
But i stay calm....ah ni tuo fo....

Scene 11:
My bro was playing some games with my hp, he saw it, so he sit bside my bro. I was sitting another side. then suddenly my bro came to me and ask: eh eh, u got say wanna lend cousin bro play ur hp meh?? I was: huh??? no ar, don lend him!! my bro said: he told me hor, u allow him to borrow ur hp to him wor..... I: what?! I look at him. He smile at me at the same time tell my bro: oi, don tell her mah.....

He lies...

another time i was watching TV, he come n tell me:U open the comp for me la! ur bro said let me play one. open la!!
=.=" duh...same old trick. then i said: u go and ask my dad 1st la, if he says ok then i open.
he not dare to take the move. wahahahah!!

Dear all, this is the part of the story I went trough. there are still got many from my bro, mum, and dad..... the stories wont finish!!!! But I lazy to type more....He is only 12 yrs old, he act like ah pek, sound like ah pek, say things without thinking, "mou dai mou sai" and very 'pat'!! Anything i can stand for a kid...but only him....I have no idea....HBP (high blood pressure) while facing him. Testing my EQ power...

His sis is totally opposite. very guai and quiet. Geeze...headache while facing him.


Speed - The Bro at: June 9, 2009 at 11:40 PM said...

wah hahaha... nice post... make me LLH(Laugh Like Hell).. lol...
damn kanasai him... but ur post makes me like a victim... Bro here and there...

{ rumtum tigger } at: June 10, 2009 at 12:10 AM said...

hahaha peipei! ur cousin dunno to say cute or super notti!

pity u. i would hv slapped him alr. my little cousin used to be 1/3 of his notti-ness. that also i used to hit him.

aih.. i is a bad cousin. ahhaa

{ cklim } at: June 10, 2009 at 12:40 AM said...

haha, put his pic and let us see

{ Joanne } at: June 10, 2009 at 8:36 AM said...

bro: u r the keh leh feh here...hahaha

tigger: wah...only 1/3 of my cousin's notiness u edi hit him...i cant imagine if u met my cousin bro...**claps claps**

ck: too hp rosak, cannot take his photos. I'll try to find old pic.

{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 10, 2009 at 10:07 AM said...

wah ur cousin bro...

i like scene 2 !!!!!!!!! haha

he really so @#$#@%@# i wont slap him but i will scold him already.. im fierce enough to scare him kekekeeeeeee




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