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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Choosing a path, is really a stressful thing, as you have to consider the consequences after you had chosen or what is the future best for u. Everyone do not know the future, everyone walk step by step, looking forward to better life. So do I. No one can predict the future, once success, that is your luck? your hard work. However, Hard work sometimes did not bring success, but the process of learning, and gaining the steps towards success....

In the meanwhile, I do not seems to yet starting the steps towards success. What do you consider success? I asked myself, and also to everyone who read this post. You are success when you have much money to spend? much till u cannot finish spending? Or your success is that bringing up a happy family, live peacefully? Or the success is the business you had encounter, was in a high peak, no more dropping? Or the success you are considering is that u had bring happiness to everyone, U help all the ppl who are in trouble.

It had been a year i step in the society, and yet i had done nothing and ended up working in a field not related to my study. I'm still a fresh graduate! Not that I don like the current job, is just that I am feeling so empty in myself. I cannot see what myself is doing. I am not ambitious enough! I admit. Do I waste a lot of time??

No, I don wan to, but I already did...till this one year time. I really wanna looking forward to my interest. However with my interest...I am so afraid of my future. Nothing is easy when starting up.

Yup, basically planning taking up make up course. This seems very blur to me now since yest I went off for second meeting with the ppl in charge on that academy. Wc and I had signed up the Government Subsidy, with the feeling of insecure... especially after speak with my dad and kw. They both gave me options...U see..we might have to pay in advance before government could pay us all (they paid RM300 per month, while the 1st month have to pay RM3k)

In dad point of view:
He said this academy must not be true. Since we are taking government subsidy, means we do not have money to pay any upfront which is 3k! unless wait for government subsidy that accumulate 10months time to get 3k then started the class. This course is unnecessary. What you going to do with it after study this? Make up yourself? in a sarcastic way?(not that i wanna make up myself, I wan make up for everygirls, build up their confident) As a girl, need not be so ambitious while just focus on ur current job. That is no right that the academy need us to pay in advance. (I did told that the up front money included the tools expenses, which my dad do not believe that the tools is so expensive). Think why government pay one month only RM300? This is because the course duration is also 2yrs and gov wanna make sure you are taking the course every month in this 2 yrs time! Have to consider my own started hardwork money, as not to waste on this too much yet. Saving....dad somehow wish government did not approve me. Not that curse me, He just concerning of me and my hard work earned money. I know that.

In Kw point of view:
He said I wanna take this course because I am interested, and I wan to learn. Says, if government paid half way, you still have 50% discount (in a bright side). Yes, I need to use up my own money to learn. But for the sake of you wanna study, it is worth enough to take up this course. And after you had study, to build up your own network is not easy at all. Not that professional as compare to those who work or face the clients everyday while me, just working part time or freelance. However, he did not discourage me, cause he says go for it if you want to, and not for the sake of money.

I am so...so ...so... no idea now.

Besides that, I have a very concerning boss lady. Yest she speak to me again. She asked regarding my future that am I goin to continue study(no, she is not goin to fired me or replace me with someone!!). She advised me to choose Clinical research (She heard the advise from a PHD) if I wanna continue persuade Master for bio field, as this is more widely demand in this world. She said if I wanna take something other than biotech, then choose something more profession. eg. Accounting, finance or MBA. Yes, is a total waste for my biotech degree. She said, knowledge is never a waste. The WASTE, is in term of time or money. Who knows? You might use it in some day. I did told her about the government subsidy of the beauty course. She get surprised a little, but then she said is quite hard to get the approval. If in term of interest, do not take this line as main job, and take make up better than facial.

In shorts, I am now calming myself, think again what everyone had said. I did let go or look trough overall 'openly' that, yes this course is a bit not a MUST. Somehow if i get it, the i get it,but after i get it, is the paying in advance thing have to bother much; Not get it, then it's not.


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 16, 2009 at 10:54 AM said...

hey dear

every ppl success definition is different some want the authority some want the money..some might just want a simple life.. so dont be sad..do what u like.. be confident in choosing your own path..after all that ur life.. ok..


{ cklim } at: June 16, 2009 at 1:55 PM said...

success is depends on individual perception, as long as u are happy with your decision. about biotechnology, my point of view:- there is not specific area that has "greatest" prospect, I agree some areas demand more workforce, that is. I believe everyone is skillful in certain area of research, and don't simply follow the trend, there is no point involve in a field that you are not excel on. cheers

{ Nah_jaycee } at: June 16, 2009 at 4:14 PM said...

hey.. it's my 1st time dropping u a comment. =)
I believe u've heard that everyone has their own pathway to choose and eventually a destination to reach. To be success is depends on how you look at it - but finding a balance in life is what matters most. what is the use of having wealth but not health? what is the use of having health, but no family / friends to share love and joy? And no! U didn't waste a lot of time. I'm sure ur experience working in the society for a year helps u learn a lot - much much mroe than ppl who haven't work (like me)

But, all in all, everyone has their opinions. So, do what ur heart tells u. Let urself lead ur way to success. Even if sometime in future, u found out u've took the wrong road, u won't be regret because u chose it for urself.

Good luck, girl. ^^

{ Joanne } at: June 16, 2009 at 4:24 PM said...

miao: thx for the encouragement
ck: hm..mayb i m following some of the trends, but taking up tis couse had edi set in my mind since dono how long ago.
jaycee: don worry, u'll got ur experience very soon i believe. Good luck.i'll follow mt hard.

the only thing is, i hope my family could support what i wanna to be...

{ Joanne } at: June 16, 2009 at 4:25 PM said...

*my heart...(oops)

{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 16, 2009 at 6:24 PM said...

cis !!!!!!!!!!!!!

{ Joanne } at: June 16, 2009 at 8:24 PM said...

don like tat la miao miao...




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