Lovely Christmas

Friday, December 25, 2009

Everyone would like to spend Christmas with Special someone
Neither do i...
Christmas eve, spending a night at home with family and gone to bed at 11pm
Woke up at 2am on Christmas day
And cant sleep after that.
Coz later, kw gonna fetch me at 5am.
Why and where do we go?
Well, he had promised to fetch his friend (who stay nearby my hs) to KLIA from Cyberjaya!
His plane is 7.30am, have to reach KLIA by 6am.
So, since i gonna meet him anyway, y not i go with him at 5am?
I follow him to KLIA.
Then have a rest at his room. Still I cant sleep. (cant get use?)
So i woke up to play is PS, and watch American pie 7.
Hilarious and funny....and ridiculous!
Kw gave me a surprise, he said he had booked AVATAR movie tickets!
Thanks to his housemate willing to help us book online

(on the way)
We rush to Alamanda mall (putrajaya)

The movie is nice and meaningful!

However some websites said it has hidden message!
We still haven't watch 2012, So i cant compare them both.

2 and half hours is really long. =)

This is 2nd surprise from him!

what is inside?

is a body lotion, bath and shower, and one small perfume
Although he din get the perfume i wanted
but he did fulfill my needs.
I love the smell as well!
this is my precious Christmas present
however i did not buy him any present.
Coz we do not give present normally in Christmas!
He said my souvenir for him from S'pore is enough
And it's just 3 bars of chocolate.....
he says, 1 for souvenir, 1 for Christmas, 1 for 2010's his b'day!
Sorry la dear, I cant accept. ahaha...
will replace ur present soon!

I love him!





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