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Sunday, December 6, 2009
My 'new' MP3
I changed the skin again
To leopard Print~
Suitable for S'pore outings?
(Should use lion skin)

Actually I did not use after I started work,
My brother borrowed for centuries...
And after return, the previous skin looked dirty
So...I renew again!
I still love this MP3 Altou just have 256Mb storage
My 1st MP3

With all the cosmetics and Skin Care I used, I would like to share with u some of my favorites

I think all my friends had know that, I have a combination skin
Oily T-zone and Dry Cheeks
Open pores and also Black heads on nose
White heads on chin!
Is a very miserable and terrible skin!
Thus I still trying to take care of it to prevent pimples from popping out!
Although very headache at times where pimples just won't care
We need make up to cover all up!!!
Both cosmetics and Skin care really important
Here I show u some affordable skin care and cosmetics products which I feel it is suitable for me
I m not sure whether is useful for you all.

# 1 Maybeline 2 way powder foundation
I did not changed my powder foundation after the 1st used
it had been intro tro "女人我最大" Program that this is the best affordable foundation
Of course u won't expect it cover ur pimples
u can applied after concealer
the effect is good after u finished it with 2nd layer
If u have smooth skin, one layer is just nice!

#2 Lancome Liquid foundation
I bought it at sales whis is only RM80? (forgoten how much)
I regret bought as the color did not match mine(more darker than my skin tone).
thinking of giving to who...However
As soon as YC gave me this #3 GWS BB cream which had only 1 tone
And is too fair for me, and the idea came when I read a magazine that we can actually mix the liquid foundation together!
Just like water color.
It blend well and just matches my skin!
I do not need any base as BB cream works for all
with also SPF sun block.
I only applied these on functions, but not everyday
It works well on my face, stays
With my oily T-zone, I suggest some pressed powder or loose powder being used after liquid foundations.
Oil cannot stop producing while you were at out doors
using oil blotting papers is well enough to absorb and finishing with some touch up powder foundations.

#4 Bioterm sets (cleanser, toner and moisturiser)
I love this skin care!
It really reduces my oily skin!
I know they already change their series
However, I'm sure the new one does work better.
I bought it at sale where one set for RM150.
So worth!

#5 elf eye primer! USD 3
I have oily eye lids too!
If i just apply eye shadow without eye primer,
After an hour, u'll notice that my eye shadow just gone and turn out to be fine lines!
This primer helps my eye shadow stays!
Moreover it cover my eyelid's fine veins too
u'll have more fair and natural eyelids
It do brings up the color of your eyeshadows!

#6 KATE gel eyeliner
It do not smudge
It glitters
It's easy to be drawn with its brush
is bout RM49
Buy it when sales!

The first liquid eyeliner I bought
# 7 Skin Food pearl grey liquid eyeliner
It is oil prof, smudge prof and water prof!
A little hard to apply but it's pearl make it perfect reflections
that u won't notice the mistakes!
bout RM 30

#8 Mascara
Forgotten wat brand.
Contains 2 bottles
One with fibre long, another is normal black mascara
It do make ur lash more longer!
The fibre will not hurt your eyes even it drops.

#9 Estee L. Lip gloss from Cousin
Very 3D define lips when u applied
Nice fruity smell
It is not as sticky as you thought
U'll just forgotten you had your lip gloss on.
And I love the color my cousin had choose!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: December 6, 2009 at 4:55 PM said...

eh u remind me bout my fibre mascara dont knw lost where liao T_T
rm70 de~~~
review the majolica pore/pressed powder after u start using it k!

{ Blur Pei } at: December 6, 2009 at 8:11 PM said...

0_0...faster buy one more! to u soon!




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