Thursday, February 25, 2010
Lately I'm kinda busy in office.(still I can on fb =P)
just that if compare to before, i'm more occupied.
Many things to be done but I have no knowledge at it
Is no good say I DON KNOW... and is not that I don learn after 1 year of working here.
Still is not my real field (I studied Biotech) and i begin learning these (Accounts) without general basic and very very random!
Is just like out of no where, I don know how or why this portions come out...
Most of the things i doing is without experience over this one year.
All is brand new, and yes, I admit i'm happy gaining this experience, just a bit of here and there
which make me hard to round up whole process!
We won't learn the whole process while working, in fact we learn only things which company needs.
In short, if you want to learn the basic account, unless, you take a course.
Is there any short account course?????????
Sigh.....sometimes I really feel depressed and useless,
boss want me to ease their job, but i seems the one create problems.
I'm kinda afraid when asking too much questions, they will feel irritates.

Alright..I wanna put these things a side.
When doing yoga, there is a must to have a peaceful mind.
Last Sunday went on replacement for yoga.
the Instructor ask me to try head stand,as shown below:
ps: Children are not allow to follow...dangerous act!!!!


Which do you think is possible to do it with Wii Fit??
Of course I still can't stand with my head alone either legs above the air.
My back is leaning against instructor's leg, and she hold my feet
slowly i pushed my legs up and also bend my knee rested on my arms.(with my head down)
left knee on left arm, right knee on right arm.
My instructor tried to release her hands
but my knee and whole body started to imbalance (Still leaning on) within seconds
My arm still have not much energy to support.
to my surprise, My head is still alright.not much pressure on it

I tried 2 times and instructor ask me to rest
cause this is my 1st time only doing this pose
Kinda afraid at 1st
I just need a calm and balance soul
alright...please don't ask me to do the above posture!!


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: February 25, 2010 at 8:29 PM said...

is better u ask than u do it wrongly lagi teruk kan ? its ok lar..your boss knew that you are not from acc background ma :) u can msn others first before ask your boss geh ^^

btw i hate tat yoga postur lar!! i hope this week don ask me do it ><

{ Blur Pei } at: February 28, 2010 at 6:08 PM said...

wohoho..we skipped this week!




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