Friday hook up~

Sunday, March 7, 2010
Finally my Samsung Hp is back to function!
what am I waiting for?
So i take as much photos as I can!

Is Friday night!
Who want to miss the night as the next day no work!
Is a very complicated process and 3 of us finally got to meet up!
with my ex housemates michelle and Candy.
They suggest to have a drinks at Taman Tun, Sid Bar.

(Mimi, took this pic for me saying where I'm looking at..=.=")
I like this pic, took via my phone with flash..
cause it enhance my lens color...guess what color
please dont say it's GREY!

So here we are...
3 of us taking this pic ourselves!
take it again and again to achieve a nice pic..
I think this one is good.
Overall we having a gal's talk
Most of the part, I'm the listener..
they seems facing some love problem which both stories are similar!
and they claim that I am too quiet!

these 2 pretty ladies are so funny!
apparently they were room mates for years,
while I stayed in different room.
and they are like tacit partner!
when I'm going to speak,
both of them so coincidentally distracted by the dog which brought from a drinker..
when they turn back and look at me
I was like =.=" no mood to talk!**drink beer drink beer**
lol...(**blame that I don have a colleague to talk when work,I'm so passive now)
However, the most happy part is, they still let me join them as a listener!
glad that we have this gathering.
oh yeah... 
this is my First time taste Hoegaarden beer.
It is so fragrance and no bitter at all!
however one bottle of this cost like RM20+ 
I'm gonna order this next time in Bar. =P
don't ever stop me!
Bar is pretty nice place to chat as no noisy music and many variety of drinks available


{ rumtum tigger } at: March 7, 2010 at 8:53 AM said...

ya dont drink and drive.
so next time i drink u drive. hahahahaha XD

{ Blur Pei } at: March 8, 2010 at 7:24 AM said...





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