Outing with Bride to be!

Sunday, March 14, 2010
I had sent my Hand Phone to repair for 2 times!
and I don't think it can trade in for money if I wan to change a hp.
So I decided to BLING it!
this is my First time to do it in my life. wahahha~

So, Miao and I choose this Bling.
Okay, I'm not so pro to stick one by one yet.
rather I bought this For RM9.90 and use up only less than 5mins to stick this.

And here you go, this is the back of the phone
I plan to stick in front too.
I'm gonna find another sticker again
Perhaps I need to stick it one by one in front.
will let u see the results after I found the match colors.
(my dear don like the bling! as he said the texture made him goose bums!LOL! I think this is his phobia. just like some people don like the scratching sound of steels/ metal! So, this sound good that he will not able to touch my hp anymore, although he never checked my hp before. hehehe)

This is the dress I bought in timesquare, 
which they are not allow to try
I bought it and love it at first sight
but when i try it out...
i really regret...I become like high school girl on uniform =.="
Who want this?? I can give it to u!!!

Alright. Thursday, I'm out with ex housemates!
okay, is not the previous post's michelle and candy this time
As you know, I got 9 housemates staying in 1 unit!
you can know how complicate in my previous life
(But I love and miss them)
Pretty sure there are alwaz politics when there are more than 3 ppl in one house/office
However I'm always the neutral one.
why? because...I rent a room myself....
So I have no politic issue on them before.
(I'm not sure if they don't like me before, but I don care!)
I still enjoy being with them
although sometimes I think I did the wrong things before.
you know, it's hard to be neutral also.
Any how, I think that's the best experience I ever have.

Back to topic. we meet in Mid Valley ("MV")..
the center court of MV is decorated with Alice in Wonderland Theme!
large mushrooms with lights, huge flowers with faces
and also table display with all those High tea food!
It's just like you are in the scene of Wonderland!

I meet with Adele first as Yean Cheen was trapped in traffic jam
we decide to dinner at FRIDAY restaurant @ the Gardens
My 1st time in FRIDAY..
we order 2 sets dinner which were in promotions
above is the drinks I order : Pineapple Sunshine 
smoothies ice blend drink

Appetizer, forgotten what it's called
is sour and little spicy fried chickens!!
it really open up your appetites!

this is clams creamy soup...
the menu did not describe it's a soup...
We thought it is clams alone..
but this soup is delicious!
However no clams inside =(

this is chicken sandwich
which also did not describe it's a sandwich..
the taste is quite nice too!

Fish and chips!
these four dishes is already enough for us 3 girls!!

Okay.. forgotten to introduce
the right pic is the Bride to be!
She is the one who informed me few days ago
she's going to have her wedding ceremony on this coming JUNE
wow! I'm so jealous man!
However, after heard of how her wedding to be,
I really feels that wedding planning need a lot of efforts and money
It's quite difficult because she and her future husband to be are same age as me
but I can see they really make an effort to earn money,
trying to control the budgets of the wedding
I guess this is the Love power they are having
is greater than everything
This is what I envy about them (is not the wedding I admire about)

I sincerely wish them happily ever after
you know?
Is very hard to meet a love and your right ones in this world
How many billions people in this world
and to meet an only one for you
Is like how small the probability in this Billions people!!!!
and to get along well with the One is also not simple...
I'm glad she found the one in her life. =)
I can say that, Adele is a great love consultant ever!
I remembered when i having love problem,
She is always the one who not only support me, 
but also the one who stand in the middle to define the situations facing on both sides
she is the one made me understand to what Love is
and how 2 persons getting along and not to keep blaming your significant others
Adele is mature enough to handle all the situations
I believe, she will having a great wedding ever
glad meeting with both of them.





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