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Friday, April 30, 2010
It's one sunny noon,
where our chat begins with GCM and JL...
and JL urge GCM to play Hotel City in FB
However this GCM is her first time playing FB games other than Bejewel...
GCM getting tensed up when she don't know how to buy or build rooms for her hotel
(maybe she just skip her tutorial...)
GCM keep asking question while we trying to help.
At last, JL suggest GCM give her FB account to me for helping up, as JL is busy..
So when I got into her hotel...there is no rooms created, only lobby....=.="
I instantly help her to buy more rooms and decorated.
The logged out to let her play.

She then 'ah haa!'
But still dono how to buy items
She drag to the 'cashier' instead of to the place she wanted to locate.
after teaching her the right way, this cute little GCM keep starring the games with hopes that the level will upgrade.
.... and the print screen below created between our conversation. =D

this cute little innocent GCM... she really need a tutor for teaching her playing games XD

is good that she is not into games always. :)

this is the 300post!
just post some nonsense :)





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