I'm a spendrift !

Monday, April 12, 2010
These is what I bought during Metrojaya warehouse sales yest!
mascara n eyeliner both cost RM50
the rest is less than RM20!
this lipstick is sealed!
but when i open, it edi broken
but still can use. I like the light sheer pinkish color!

Guess how much I spend there??

night time, kw bring me to Sri Kembangan jusco to help him choose spec
(shd said i paksa him take me go :P)
so that can choose a nice spec for him instead of staying the same frame-less spec
for the First time he praise my make up with spec.
(i normally wear lens before make up)
so happy that day!

the next morning~~~

Wearing fake lashes...
I hardly wear fake lashes...
just that when we girls 'pakat' wanna wear only i stick
manatau everyone din't stick. cis!
like being betrayed! hahaha

oops, forgot to write what i use for this make up:
elf primer
kate 3 pellet eye shadow
majorlica black liquid eyeliner
the dramatic mascara on lower lashes...
upper i just glue fake lashes...

After make up sure need to take pic!
hiao hiao de ~
Vest: from Cat whiskers
Grey singlet: Pasar Malam
Belt: present from friend (seed) 
1/4 Pants: from dad bought in Indonesia
Necklace & earrings : handmade DIY
hair ribbon band: Daiso...
no branded for my outfit! hahaha...
do wc (right) look like model?
we all kaka cau cau at F21 shop! (sunway)
on the way back in CM's car

charity hair cut in SUnway
RM10 for dry cut only!
sponsor by A cut Above

bought this chin mask just to get RM30 chop
this mask cost RM4.90
A bit like nose stripe...
not really effective tho..i prefer use hand!


{ rumtum tigger } at: April 12, 2010 at 9:58 PM said...

whuah... shop so much. ahha XD

{ Blur Pei } at: April 14, 2010 at 1:56 PM said...

yea...happy but sad at the same time as money flow like drinking water...




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