Wednesday, April 7, 2010
Yesterday, An unknown number shown up in my phone at 3.30am!
I picked up anyway thought (**infact just blur, picked up watever call that time**)wondering who...
In Mandarin:::
Unknown: Wei! Ah Lin ah!
Me: huh? Who? (blur**)
Unknown: Ah Lin hor? is me la, wat are u doin? (sound as he with this 'lin' very close)
Me: (lagi blur) huh? who are u looking for?
Unknown: wei! lin ah,why your voice so different wan?(the 3rd time only i know it is wrong number)
Me: Wrong number ah!!! (who will call ppl in this wee hour?? 38!Local number some more)
Unknown: oh, wrong number...sorry ah..
Hang up~

then my bro asked: huh? ur alarm so early?? =.="""
i said: no no..is wrong number, back to sleep
within few seconds, i heard the snor.....aiks!





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