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Monday, May 17, 2010
I was choosen to audition last week in 'my dream girl' program
they are searching for girls to have make over on TV show (Jia Yu Astro)
Audition consist of 3 stages (perhaps 4?)
I don't know they make it like 'superstar' auditions like that
I was super shocked coz have no idea at all, that the cemera shooting is for every interview!
Susan did told me there are 3 sessions, but i din know the details will be like this.
actually if u wanna go for this program, u can straight register there on the counter.
*Registration counter*

*corridor towards counter & audition rooms*

First of all, I went there to register and take a number
I was in 3rd sessions of the day.
After that I went in a small room like below:

I saw 1 video recorder,
 2 cameraman
 and 1 beautiful host,
interviewing each contestant
Ques are such as : 
Intro yourself
why do u enter this program?
where do you think you shd make over?
in what style do you think u would like to make over?
who is your fashion idol?

1st stage, i was being called to small interview at the room side.
asked me same questions like above
then the interviewer tell me that there are another sessions interviewed by 5ppl
asking similar questions and a photo sessions.
what? 5 people?!

2nd stage,Then I was asked to take a photo shoot
just like those prisoners, front.side.back...=.=
they said it's bcoz for them to send those pic for the taiwan teachers
 But the photographer is a cute guy(left) too =P

3rd stange, interesting part (to 2nd room)
I have to walk in by catwalk!
stand in front of 5 interviewers with a camera man in front
yikes ~ butterflies in my stomach!
they are quite friendly, one of them is Indian who said he know chinese but doesn't know how to speak
and then they asked me what talent I have...
I was like thinking: is this a talent show??
honestly i said i have no talent. no singing/dancing :P
then they asked, Why do u think we shd choose u?
thinking a while and said: coz I'm friendly?
they: Which part u wanna change the most?
fashion? make up? hair?
I said : hair, due to my curly natural hair, I wish I can change to something better.
and...there is an interviewer (guy) who perm his hair curly
Is a cute guy tho. Style his hair so nicely.
another A girl then said jokingly :
means that u indirectly shoot him lar? his hair oso curly wor...
B girl said: do u know why he sat in the middle?
coz he is the most powerful judges here, and now u had hurt him
I think you are disqualified, you can go out now (they saying in a joking way)
I can't really manage to defend them
I, also pretend myself of walking out :)
B said: no no don, hahaha..just joking

Then I laughing all the hell out. 
and tried to said : his is styling in a very best way, so I wish I can do that too by learning all the tecniques
then thay asked if I use Lucidol products?
I said: yes, the hair wax, orange color wan.
they asked again: do u use it now?
I said: no, coz i wan to present to u all with my natural way =P
(I know cacat la, simply say only)

after that I walk out to First room again
while waiting for my turn to be interview in front of the host,
we somehow don feel boring coz the way the contestant answer the question quite funny
not that not make sense, just their talking way.

then My turn asking similar questions

then final part, video movement posing
I really don have that kind of confident
I act awkwardly in front of camera
very stiff i can said
then dono y 2 photographer came in and snaps snaps snaps
I think 3rd sessions is lesser ppl, so they are quite free.
and I heard that if u success for this audition,
30ppl will be choosen and being interview by the sponsors company
eg,ROC, Lucidol & Astro
after that only choose another 13 girls.
Actually I saw many beautiful aunties enter as well
I am so impressed by their braveness
I don't think I'm going to be choosen
well, an experience after all! 
 Thanks to YC accompany me going and drive all her way
**my dad don't know i enter!shh..**

After these auditions
Yc and I went to sunway pyramid for shopping
shop for dresses to wear for my friend's wedding.
really...I have no idea what to choose
we both almost give up

then We went back to Kuchai lama, meet my dear
He'd forgotten that he have gathering 
So I suggest to meet him at the same place :)
So happy meeting his primary friends
as I still dono who is who LOLZ
too much of them.

**some of the photos were copied from Jia yu's Facebook


MIAOX2 at: May 17, 2010 at 10:44 AM said...


{ susanchu } at: May 17, 2010 at 11:28 AM said...

what is your number for your audition? My number was 1018

{ Blur Pei } at: May 17, 2010 at 11:57 AM said...

susan:mine is 3004.
thx miao miao..




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