GCM's Birthday!

Saturday, May 15, 2010
How can we forget...
today is GCM's birthday!
Miao & I planned a surprised for her on the morning
Since we already asked her out to breakfast,
So we just make a simple celebration!
Well, I think no one ever tried celebrating birthday early in the morning
only us!

So..I bought a small cake the day before
And bring it over to her house
As she thought I'm going to fetch her out
Who knows, we bring over everything to her house for breakfast too!
scroll down and see..

Miao surprise her with the cake while I preparing my camera

Candle light up again in the house
We both sing LOUDLY
Her youngest brother came out for a peek
Cut cake session! 
Don cut the strawberries ya!
I choosed Coffee Fantasy from baker cottage

We made our own M'sia coffee :
Yes, I bring it over to Cm's house
Tumpang her hot water.
Neslo ingrediants:
1 packet of Milo (3-in-1) + half packet of Nescafe(3-in-1)!
pour hot water and STIR~.
Done! serve it ICE?
buy la ice cubes~
I bring miao's wig for her
she instantly try on without putting hair net
So fake!
Try a cap or can can hat next time ya~

Then I went for 2 movies straight with YC
(YC: sorry for being late ~)
1st movie : The wimpy Kid JOURNAL(comedy)
2nd: Nightmare at Elm street (Horror)

and...I think i cant sleep at night!
not because of horror movie
is due to AUDITIONS!!!!
so 'kan cheong'

YC gave me a present: 
Yes, I'm eying on this very long ago!
Tempted to buy so much
I bring YC to see today
When I still hesitating..
YC edi snatch the shoe from my hand and ran over to counter
She asked for assistant and bring a pair for me
I stopped her, and she said she will angry me if I don let her pay....
But this pair of shoe is not cheap....is RM89.9..
I defend her with chinese traditions!
As u know...we cannot buy shoes for others
coz it means ask that receiver to 'go away' 
means go to hell or break up..
YC said: u just give me 20cents then, just like u bought this pair for only 20cents..
i stunt.. looked at her.. speechless!
I wanna say THANK YOU~
u are my beloved 'wife' always!

Then I receive these from miao n cm~
I loves the design of the accessories so much!
I'll try to do more for u girls!
then the cooked book (right)..
gonna explain here...
FYI, miao n cm is 'banana' (chinese who don'y know read/write chinese,but they can speak!)
they thought this is ordinary herbal soup recipe
but this book is for women's herbal soup recipe.
oh well is pretty suitable for me too
better than u mis-given to a guy, rite??
thank you girls! muacksssss~~~

AT last..wish CHING MUN



{ Rum Tum Cat } at: May 16, 2010 at 11:50 AM said...

hahaaha my wig..lol...
wei nice shoe i tot u went to buy it urself
so happy ho got ppl buy for u hehehe

{ Blur Pei } at: May 17, 2010 at 11:58 AM said...

very happy~ :)




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