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Friday, May 14, 2010
So coincidentally Cheesie blogged bout wig and on that day after i reached home
My pre-ordered wig arrived!!!
Damn happy when I found out the quality is not bad!
I bought it from ninofashion 22 - Dolly hairdo

Unfortunately this fridge's color does not match mine
Think of giving out or sell it half price..
is a bit brownish color.
Note the bottom withe lace?
Is actually an out fit which is a gift from nino. 
I'm so happy coz i aim for laces clothes so much!
I haven't try it. perhaps i can wear for the audition??

Then I quickly try on my black curly pony tails which is 50cm long (RM35)
It attached quite nice n firm!
It's also soft n light.
I love this ponytail so much!!!
i can have my 'long hair'
no need to wait till my hair get long.
Just sad that my fringe cannot be use..
if not i can set a dolly look for myself 

If u read my previous blog post
I'd said that i use up a lot of money
not to for get, I pre-order this one month ago....
kinda wait a bit long
But happy with the items!
worth waiting~
I'm gonna wear it for my friend's wedding this coming June~
I think i m looking forward to buy a long wig myself 
as my hair is in a very serious damage condition
and i wish to stop rebonding...
so I can let my hair rest for a while =P





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