An off but busy day~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010
Yesterday night, I was actually trying to ask for some cakes from Carin
Who is recently learning baking!
And unexpectedly, she said she has same cake with her if I'm ok with it
I was shocked, but I accept it anyway
hahaha~ who don wan a free cake?

Happily I received her box of cake
But is only 2 pieces inside with differ flavors
she is learning in Malaysian Institute of Baking
White : Blueberry Cheese
Choc: Chocolate Mousse

I taste half of each after i chilled them in fridge
It is as delicious as Secret Recipe!
creamy and also taste just right for sweetness and everything!
Carin, u can open a shop d... :)

Today I am on leave
because today is my Grandpa's 1st year death anniversary
I received an sms showing there is an interview on this coming Friday
I am happy as well as worry, coz i need to apply leaves again!
therefore, i come up with an idea to change it to today.

I called the person and asked if can make appointment this afternoon
straight he said he is fine at 5pm.
well, everything went smooth like tat. 
I think my grandpa bringing me luck :)
But the company is at Kepong @.@
well better than klang, I think positively.

So at bout 3.40pm, we start our journey
dad fetch me go as i dono how to go kepong
then we reached at bout 4.30pm there,
 I went up to the office and knowing that the interviewer haven't come
I waited there for 30mins to begin our interview
After that only i know that the interviewer ..
actually misunderstood I wanted to change time to 5pm on friday instead of today
I'm so embarrassed coz he ran from another branch to this branch
so he did not prepare anything
tat's y he din't ask much questions
and I left after meeting him for only 15mins.
the fastest interview i ever had =P
wish me luck~

By the time i reached home is edi 6pm
quickly i ran to change and drove to Yoga class
hiew!is busier than normal day.
last week, i accidentally burned my neck when using my hair straightener
kinda painful and redness appear!
therefore I went to buy this Hiru Scar Gel at Watson
it is only RM17+ but is kinda small tube.
 I try to put on like 3 times a day
after a few days, I accidentally scratched on the wound again!
tat is when i was sleeping
the next day I saw the blood stain on my neck, it appeared worst =(
but I still continue put on the gel
After that, Yesterday, I AGAIN, scratched it during my dream =.="
i awake by sudden pain and quickly stop the blood from flowing off
the next day (today) i try to see what happen to my wound
to my surprise, it did not seems so scary as the pic above (now only having very light scar)
just only a dot of redness with dried skin.
I cannot believe my eyes and keep touching the wound but it wont feel pain anymore!
I'm so happy.. I guess this scar gel do works~
i highly recommend!





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