Sunday, July 25, 2010
Lovely Friday night
I was hurry up eating dinner
rushing make jelly cause going out yam cha with friends later

here is the jelly packet my mum bought.
It's so damn easy, all things in one pack
Grape flovors
Here is the instructions they teach
however I added like 1500ml water
because is too concentrate when boiling.
Before that, I have to peel the grapes and took out the seeds
Stir boiling process...
the purple grape flavor

Pour into the mold and drop half of the grape into each.
leave it cold then put in fridge overnight
here is the results on the next day
*my mum edi tested the night bfore @.@
It appear to be very nice, not that sweet, bouncy & springy =)
these fruits shape are for my bf  =D

I suggest a money saving outing
at the end we went to watch a movie =D
we watch "La Comedie Humaine" 

Cast: Benz Hui, Chapman To, Fiona Sit, Tien You Chui, Wong Cho-lam.
Synopsis: A professional hit man (Chapman To) from China literally falls into the lap of a hapless nerdy screenwriter (Wong Cho Lam) and the two get close. The nerd welcomes his new friend and tells him his sad story involving a beautiful woman, naturally. She loves him but often throws tantrums and beats him up. From directors Chan Hing Kai and Janet Chun comes a comedy about one of humankind's oddest and silliest fantasies: love conquers all, complete with a devilish twist.-GSC.COM.MY

me n him

where am i?
Little tree cafe, kuchai lama.
meet with miao (again)
the gang
us.. LOL
miao n her friend ( i forgot who jor)
miao's bf, charles
artistic snap >.<
ok, food post now:

kw's mushroom grill chicken chop
Close up:
Nicer in original than putting the mushroom sauce (in the pot)
Honey lemon
the display on the menu
Little Milan Chop
the real one!
yum yum!
Grill chicken in between 2 hams
with cheese inside!
so juicy nice!!!!

miao's tuna sandwich.
well, their western food is better =)

Finally ...

I present my Last PICTURE


have a happy Sunday!


mc at: July 25, 2010 at 12:43 PM said...

why your description is meet with miao AGAIN ?!! u don want to meet me meh hmmmpf!

{ Blur Pei } at: July 25, 2010 at 1:09 PM said...

lol.. coz i meet u at friday night jor, then meet u again on sat nigght.. hahaha~




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