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Friday, August 27, 2010
Is a Public Holiday for Selangor and some states today!
and so coincidentally I won Premiere Screening ticket from a contest
which shown yesterday 9pm
While the next day (means today) is holiday, I certainly have no problem watching it late.

here is the ticket 
I won this contest from vvens's blog
all I do is write out my love story (shown below) 
Yea, my parent named me 'Joanne' since I was born.
but it not stated in my IC :P

thanks to vvens and Nuffnang, I got to watched this nice movie with my love one
this movie somehow touched me n my bf both.
As we, walked trough LDR before, and we know how hard it is.
just that we both are not as dramatic as them. LOL
Encourage who is having LDR/going to have LDR couple to watched
you really can learn from that movie.:)

I bought this special bottle of nail polish remover
Not to say very special to me, but convenient?
I still remember I usually use this type of bottle when I was performing my lab experiment back to uni time.

It is meant to keep alcoholic liquids
see its special cover?
just ONE press downwards
You'll get the alcohol pumped up to your cotton
It won't over poured
won't evaporate so quickly when u opened the cover
coz if you don't press, it won't LEAK even you put it upside down.

See the little alcohol droplets on the cover?
that's the amount after one pressed.
Highly recommended.
Bought in SASA, RM9.90

I already obsessed with Lomo effect quite long ago.
feel wanted to buy one but.. I don't think is necessary now
Since I found out that I can actually edit the Lomo effect with photoshop!!

See the effect? 
This is Fish eye effect!
learn it here





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