The Libre cafe~

Monday, August 16, 2010
oh... is a no boyfriend weekend again, but we meet up last Thursday already =)
nothing special to post bout us.

Saturday i went for 'wasting money' session
which I get my hair straighten again!
kinda frustrated with my curly and dried hair.
I'm always dumping money to my hair every 2-3months
any thing to make my hair straight forever???
after that at night, me and YC went for a movie
As she has GSC Credit card, we get the ultimate VIP lane. LOL
but that night, not much people queuing up though. Tickets are selling fast.
Because YC got to went back at 11.30pm, so at the end we some how ...
FORCE to watch 'Tekkan'. I never expect or really wanted to watch that show actually.
I assume is a guy/boyish (who is over 18Yr old) movie. i never fancy gaming movie.
The outcome is kinda nice. Quite satisfied!
Especially the handsome main character. LOL!

Sunny up Sunday.
me, win & Ks went for lunch at Libre cafe @ taman desa.
Rather nice ambiance~
Amazing not-bad food :) as we put a lot of tobacco sauce...
Our main reason there is ... to copy movie! hah!
how bout say.. sharing?
is Ks and win (pic above)
we beg win so long for her to take picture with us! >.<
OMG.. i m so fat beside her. I believe I already gaining weight to my Uni life weight again. URGH!
Tea with lemon~
I forget to capture our Food. Sorry...
We ate pasta! Ks ate Rendang.
NIght time having sudden date to 'yam cha' with secondary buddies.
you know who. Miao, Wc, CM and Kwok Shen.
wonder why I always stick with same people?
because I'm comfortable with them.
Few friends doesn't matter, but friends with true heart is important :)

Monday bluessss
silky hair? :P
I always went to work without make up.
with spec as well. hahha!





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