Port Dickson Part II

Monday, August 23, 2010
*warning, Pictures Feeding**

The Resort we staying
my bedroom share with GPY
Our attached bathroom
Master Bedrooms for 5 guys
room number
Walking down the hall at lobby
Our lunch!

Group Picture!
gals, from left, Rosaline, GPY, Peggy, Carol & me
Guys, From left, Eng Chuan, Weiliam, Beng Kong, Soon Yew, Kw
alamak.. ada back ground
gals on sofa!

jumping sessions
issit familiar? 
like 'Siong hoi tan' poster!
pang sai ing... >.<
guess what they spot?
they spotted us!
we gonna run!!!
Merdeka decorations
looks like we are in honeymoon ya!
(no way honeymoon with 10ppl)

the sea
particularly like this pic.
love tis pic too!

Pool side
join the gals with Carsberg!
sit along pool bar
enjoy chilling our leg in pool
BBQ time!
the package food they provided
start BBQ!
the Guys do the main part
we gals looking :P

after that we having a surprised celebrating for GPY's bf, Eng Chuan (who is my bf's cousin bro too)
above pic are snapping in the dark
note we all move in the dark
so coincidentally I look over the cameraman
the main character!
we all had our wishes, which use finger with BBQ sauce, paste on his face XD

Group picture with main character couple
Then he have next challenge
picking up candle on cake by mouth
obviously he failed! ngek ngek!
siting on floor enjoying cake

Next morning
little bit slope tracking
to the light house!
awful weather
nice view
taking pic!

note the rain coming on our way
rains on left side
we headed to the shelter

after washed up, we went up the resort tower
really high place.. bout 9th floor tall.
us again :)
no, he is not kissing me, 
i just lean on his shoulder
the angle matter
chit chatting

chat chat chat
sharing moments
walking down the spiral stairs
all of them
enjoying the moments too..

some picture credited by Wei Liam


{ melmonica } at: August 24, 2010 at 7:28 PM said...

nice one!! how long you were there? was it exxy? which part of PD did you go? gosh, i got so many Qs.

my bf hasn't been there before. it would be great if i can surprise him with a trip there.

just in case if i didn't check out your reply, can you pls reply on my blog? thanks and sorry to mafan u :)

{ Blur Pei } at: August 25, 2010 at 9:44 AM said...

i was just stayed there one night. btw, wat is "exxy"? we actually did not ran out of our resort.=)
beach is nearby, the light house is just walking distance bside Ilham resort. Ilham resort own self has a tower tat u can see all the view.




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