PD trip Part I

Monday, August 23, 2010
Kinda long time I did not went to beach
since after.. Singapore trip?
 My dear organized this trip with his friends
and I thick face, i joined since he asked me :P
Now I'm going to write a long post.
then will only update more pictures (still in the process of editing)
2 of his friends bring DSLR. kinda big size to upload here 

I woke up early morning on Saturday Morning, 
went to morning market to buy Chicken wings and breakfast
We went to Central Market after (9am) that but realised it open on 9.30am. 
So we had a breakfast in nearby kopitiam
Bought all sorts of things, hurry up back home
bf get prepared with the chicken wings, 
wash, and marinated.

We meet up with his gang after that
we took about an hour to reach PD by 3 cars.
After lunch, then checked in.
This is the view facing sea from our apartment unit!
Ilham resort kinda not bad :)
3 bedrooms with all attached bathroom
will update the pic here soon.
only RM300+ per night, Free RM90 voucher & breakfast for 6 as well.
(specially on month of Rahmadan only)
There is a pool side bar.
Unfortunately it did not open
Ilham resort actually include BBQ package
with foods and rented pit, tables & chair as well.
too bad we did not know that.
we bring all our food there (pic above), and realised,
if we had to use the pit, we MUST buy the BBQ package.
fine, we choose the cheapest of all package.

While night time, the unit above us, make so much noise
till most of us cant sleep well
worse, I was bite by Ants!(suspecting)
Some tingling on my face. I tot is mosquitoes bite.
when the next day after breakfast, i realized ants on my bed! :(
Luckily they did not crawl over my body?

Next day we went to some jungle tracking to the light house nearby our resort
It's pretty nice view!
but it rains just after a few minutes we arrived :(
we have to rush down the slope under the rain
How romantic :P 
the view is worth a while. I think....
We went for a quick wash up and then breakfast time.
While walking back to apartment,
we walk up to the top tower for a nice view...(picture coming soon)
really, I just wish I can stay there more longer.
Too bad, today is already Monday.
Monday Blues!
people always got to face reality. Sigh.





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