Why Vampire Suck?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010
I'd been chasing Twilights since Part one... till Eclipse.
Why I chasing Twilight since then?

Perhaps Jacob catch my eyes but not Edward..
Perhaps is the story lines I wanted to know whether Bella turn in to Vampires and curious the process of turning into vampire.
Perhaps Bella change her mind and chose Jacob
Perhaps Vampires turn into human one day...( I really wish to see if they transformed back to human)

From all the 'Perhaps' I'm talking, I realized I watch Twilight is not to eye on Vampires or Edward,
I truly hope Eclipse can make a change but it disappointed me.(wish to see more actions)
Though I did not really met one Vampire.. (I don't want to see them in real too)
I just could not imagine Vampires can be so friendly since Vampire sucks blood?

Why Vampire suck? Because ..
They are pale... just like white chicken (pak cham gai)
They climb trees, building.. every where like monkey...
They sparkle under sun .. as if they sparkle till so proud like tat =.="
They fell in love with human?! possible or not. Compete with human's love
They are cold blooded =P

Lastly.. I wish I have a good laugh in this movie to share with my love one =)

note: contest from nuffnang~


{ marccus } at: August 3, 2010 at 2:17 PM said...

Good Luck!! =D




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