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Friday, September 10, 2010
I think...this is not a real good drawing =P pardon me.. just bored at the moment.

I believe some of you who follow my twitter know that I resigned.
It has been 9 months now, since I started to actively search work from January.
Can give birth to baby already! It is very hard to search for work, you know?
Especially a work you really interested, high salary, near to your house, transportation..ALL you have to consider!
I know I'm always choosy. I set my aim low already. I don't expect high salary, but I really wish to work nearby KL area and is something I interested (Research Lab job is what I wish for)

Speaking of, what am I doing since January... I actually very afraid to choose a different path from my study again, although my current working path is also 100% different from what I study. I have been finding job on and off all these while: search and stop a month and search again. Cause when u did get an interview, u need to take leaves that maybe you are not approved...or else you have a lot of leaves.
I really wish I can make use of my CERT.  Frankly speaking, about 50% of my Uni mates do take up sales.
I am not the type of person keen on speaking or approach people at first sight. Yes, kinda shy person I'm.  Therefore I knew I'm not for sales.

After tones of interviewing..mostly job I wish for do not offer me or Job that I do not really like(too far) want me. It's so frustrated when I started to tell friends/relative I'm looking for jobs already, and still staying on the same job till now. AND i still can't find a job I wanted AND they all keep asking me the same questions : "Have you find a job?"/"u change job already?"

Sometimes I really want to give up searching what I wanted for a job and simply just selected any employer that want me.  Thanks to some friends who encourage me to continue search for something I interested.  I don't wish to job hopping and make my resume so messy. I insist my lab job... until recently, I gave up.

I found a job, which totally still different from what my current working experience is. I feel grateful that this MNC company want me!!! Thanks to my friend's bf, who referred me to this company (so that he got commission too LOL).However the stages of interviews is base on yourself.  I went trough phone interview, assessment test  (calculation & essays that I'd long forgotten to do) & face to face interview.  After that, I did not expect to get this job, because I really have no confidence on my test and interviews.  Well.. unexpected is the best surprised! (Okay, dump aside that salary is not I expected, blame stupid me give wrong answer)

Till then, I started to worry.  Because new challenge is ahead of me. After long time I do not have colleagues, I guess I'm already ANTI SOCIAL!  I need to cope with politics in the company, I need to learn new things, I need to adapt to new environments... I need to find parking too. 

I hope it is a good start. Because is no turning back!
What I mean is that, since I started to choose 'business' career path, I can't able to turn back into my Biotech study field.  Not that I totally cannot, is just that I have no experience in lab now, and if I had to become researcher again, I need to start from zero, with the salary of a fresh graduation. Bleh.

Anyone of you get a First job that you desired?


pru at: September 10, 2010 at 12:43 AM said...

oh ya, i forgot to ask u, is this salary they offer u is the expected salary u wrote in resume?
should write more :p

{ ken } at: September 10, 2010 at 1:34 AM said...

well.. all the best =)

mc at: September 10, 2010 at 11:41 AM said...

aww honey im sure you will do well there :) xoxo




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