the peak

Saturday, February 12, 2011
*all photos credited by rumtumjulee~

After wax museum visit,
we headed to outdoor
where ju lee told that we need not pay to the top peak for entrance fee
just walk out a park will do
you will also see the nice scenery of HK~
It's a very cold day!
like 10 degree? 
every breath with mist coming out of our mouth
the nice restaurant there
out door~
the peak park
How I wish the red house is mine
this is where the peak located
finally the picture of both of us
the stone lion where i asked ju lee to stop taking picture of it...
we planing to wait till the night fall
where all the lights up!
so we went in for a cup of hot chocolate
mighty big cup ya know?
it really warm ourselves 
hands is nearly numb out there!even with gloves!
I like this picture much..
too bad the man helping us take got a bit shaky~
the Japanese guy thought we are Japanese too

At last.. masterpiece of Professional Ju lee picture!
Due to she do not have tripod...
she have to place her camera on the cement..
and have to set timer (u know when u press, u sure will shake it)
then leave it like 10-20sec for this picture to be saved...
she is freezing cold man.
pro is pro, never let anything stop her. 

Visit ju lee's blog for more HK detail~





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