Uncle Lim's place breakaway~

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Is a beautiful day~
 I'm so looking forward for this trip
as I can get away from heavy workloads
and not think about it for this trip

thank god!
 Cable car
 with darling christy
 somehow my cam whore pop out a man =.="

 bottles throwing
 with catherine

 prince n princess~ our honour
 at tropical bench
 giant...lizard? called what what iguana ?
 they are queuing to shower?????
 dinosaur head
 wearing shower cap as to drive go cart. lolz

 de cruize

 we saw kids are taking those shape balloons
and we ran toward him and request lollipops
manatau.. he gave us the balloon without the air... =.="
then we stomp our feet to show how mad are we...
(lol, tat is not true)
 grp pictures
 somehow cath like to be ... 黑玫瑰

 telephone booth
which christy said very smelly inside!
 not only snatch kid's balloons, but snatch their horse seats as well


Fun trips after all
memang push my heavy thoughts behind.
anyway i cannot run from them(stressed)
I'm gonna start to manage it.





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