Stressed management

Friday, April 1, 2011
Working in a heavy work loads company,
I complains at first,
But somehow I manage my stressed.
Slowly, I begins to get use, whereby I put myself in a favor of my ways :

1) Bring whole lots of  things to beautify my desk to looks it more cheerful everyday when u looking at them.
-shall try putting my dear's picture =D 
-Bringing my favorite cushion given by him =)
-if you like to make ur desk messy as same likes what u feels at home... then do it.

2) Shall bring my favorite foods~
- junk food (sure get fats)
- my favorite Chinese tea~ breakfast tea~ .
- sweets/chocolate, sweetness do distressed.
- Chewing gum to avoid my sleepiness/tired

3) bring my MP3 with favorite songs,
-music to effect my mood, from sad to happy. How nice if I could sing out loud.
-boost up my concentrations too

4) Chat with your colleagues~ being 38!

5) cry! - cry out loud is a way for release it, although it may not helps at the mean time.
well, cry it at home then =P

6) take leaves, sleep to the fullest at home/shop till you drops.

7) watch comedy! Laugh till my tears out. - I love steven chow movie so much...

8) exercise! I assume this is my last choice, hahaha.

9) comics!!! I love all the love stories and the pretty handsome one in the book. Keep on imagining ...

10) best of all, If i wish I could hug him everyday and being pamper.....

I define mine, what is your way?


{ cheryl } at: April 2, 2011 at 4:15 PM said...

my way,

1)save some very sad and Disney songs in my hp then hear until got feeling so can cry out.....

2)go shopping(must hv ppl motivate me go,if not i very lazy walk out)

3)find ppl chat and scold it outtt...




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