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Saturday, May 21, 2011
NO, I don't have the rights to talk about fashions... because I'm not fashionable at all.
1. not dare to wear that fashion cause i don have the fashion looked face, hair, or that model heights with slim figure!
2. No money
3. not comfortable when people looking at it
4. M'sia is not a fashion city, and is hot all 365days
5. I don't have really trendy friends to advise me. (no offend girls...cause u all are so casual and comfort to be with), no peer pressure. have to match with others also mah
6. I'm Lazy
7. mum's nags... i cant wear deep V, canot wear tubes... cant wear too short, no fake lashes(shocked ppl with thick make ups wor)
8. I don't know how to match.
9. No fashion sense, only know how to admire people in the magazines...and dream. lolz.
10. not cute enough, no more 'cute' clothes for me lah... how old am I d??? gonna wake up mah.
11. I cant bear when people scold me 'crazy fashion freak' in their hearts.

still remember days ago, I post my beloved shoes?
I'm looking a match with a short socks.
am trying to asking everyone 'how do u feels if u saw ppl wearing like tat on M'sia streets?'
most of my friends cant accept
some said accept if u have that kind of fashionable clothes on...
well ya, like the below pictures:
I love plains white now.
esp the above pic: gal on bottom right corner with coat and shorts.
imagine i wearing a coat on a MALAYSIA STREET
all passer by will scold me 'crazy' in their hearts. lolz
still admiring.
so now, the old trend is back
boot cut jeans....
luckily I still keep mine when the slim cut is in trend last time
I have a cute colleagues who tel me something funny.
where she have the same heights as me.
if we bought a boot cut jeans, our short legs wont fits.
normally we required to cut the edge to suit our heights.
if this happened, means the boot cuts no more the cuttings. LOLZ
so true man!

gals with socks and loafer heels
i wanna wear like tat!!
if only I got the upper looks or dress like the gal =.="
i got the 3/4 white skirt (above pic,top right side)
shall practice to wear like the gals??
lots of socks with oxford shoes..... and heels...can I wear like this??
advise me!

and this, panty host with socks and heels..
OMG i could say
how come they wear till so casual
and if I wearing is like... ghost?


Anonymous at: May 22, 2011 at 2:11 PM said...

find one day,v wear like this go sekinchan...





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