Melaka trip aka gain weight trip (part II)

Monday, June 13, 2011
*pictures heavy*

Lets start with our Journey~
We reached Melaka at bout 12pm
Not really jam but a hectic traffic

we checked in at Aldy Hotel
which located near to Famosa and Jonker walk

Girls~ with 9 of us on the trips
sure a lot of pictures taken:

Our First stop~~ Lunch!

we walked all the way to Mahkota Parade
Only found out that, the Nyaya Food is still quite far away
so we turn around
went to Donald & Lily Nyanya food~
Located at the back of Jonker Walk, near the river
it is full house and we have to wait at outside for a while
is a very small local restaurant that serves a lot of nyanya food
We odered Nasi Minyak with chicken rendang
Rojak~Nyonya style
Asam Fish & Mee siam (not pictured)
Cendol~~ most favorable in this Hot day
this one is called ayam pondek...(i think is spelled like tat gua)
next walk~ Jonker walk
in this Noon time
really quite crowded there in this Noon time
is time for egg ice-cream!
my lychee-peach and cynthia's chocolate's flavor
it is egg shape with little 'feet' on it.
the craft gallery
all types of fruit teas everywhere
'sam sook gong'
souvenir centre?
we happily walk back to our hotel
due to Hot weather, we decided to rest a while
our hotel is just next to famosa
we went out again at 6pm
Jonker street at night!
a lot of stalls
went in to this shop~
Durian cream puff
they ate durian popiah too
O jian~

we went on different ways and meet some where in between
we bought slippers~
only RM13.90, super comfortable
no size 5, i bought size 6 instead
is over too big

After jonker walk, we drive to Sg Duyung to have Ikan Bakar
(pictures is with my colleagues)
it is somewhat like buffet seafood, but the price is base on what u chose.
we chose prawns, bamboo lala, fish, otak otak
with total RM202 for 9 person >.<

the next day~
breakfast of the day
big breakfast! (at hotel included in our room charge)

our group pictures...
scenes-noon breezes~ by me!
finally I could taste these fruit tea!
it is amazingly nice.
we had our final shopping at Jonker Walk again
do you see me?
at last, i tried durian cendol!
best @ sam sook gong
funniest pictures of the day!!
lol, christy selling sun glasses!

we headed towards mahkota parade for the famous Layer Cakes
Nadeje cafe
it is crowded!!
(we have to snatch our parking with others too!)

we ordered: cheese, original, green tea, mocha, and choco Banana layer cakes
some of them said it taste normal
while for me, it is absolutely great and unique
it is thin creamy layer with thin soft of skin (some sort of =P)
layer by layer
I believe it is not easy to made
sugar level is acceptable!
my recommended flavor: Original & green tea
special taste: choco Banana

Lastly, we went back and satisfied with everything.
enjoyable trip and also the more sweat-ness ever trip for the year


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 14, 2011 at 9:10 AM said...

i miss that layer cake so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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