Oops..nothing much

Monday, June 20, 2011
It had been one week I did not update any thing...
since from melaka.
many things happened...
Minor things, not really major thing for the changes.
work all day long, (weekdays only)
went to movie with gf
Dating with Bf on weekend
Clear my TOIL leaves on Monday
Did a little shopping (bought a sandal and a dress!)
~cotton on is on SALE...
held some Hopes in my thoughts.. i plan to take it down
Applied credit card (not yet approve)
hopefully my RM150 can let me go through this 2 week
( no la, i set myself as this much for tis month's budget)
Bought some nail stamp for myself... 
Am I spoiling myself too much?? 
chasing Korean drama that make me cry so many times T.T
well... adios~





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