Daddy Day

Monday, June 20, 2011
oh ya, is daddy day last weekend.
However we as kids did not celebrate with him
he prefer to stay home and cook, and I very 'guai', stayed home too.
Stay home watching korean drama whole day. hahaha.

You know, daddy bear up my whole family's expenses.
buy house, buy cars, bills...clothes, food, medical.. etc.
nevertheless.. is a big LOVE from papa.

Still.. I felt that everyone celebrate father's day on the same date is some sort of... commercialized.
I believe all good daddy don't like children to spend much for themselves, but they did everything to sacrify  for us.
Is time for us to pay back, but not only for that particular day.(this is what I wanna say)

Since young, Imma not a very manja girl in front of my dad
I hardly cuddle in sofa with my dad since I'm in secondary school.
I hardly hold his arms, hardly talk to dad.
I talk to dad only when seek for his advice. He hardly show his loves for either me or my brother.
In deep, we know he cares. =)
Everything I would tell mum, and mum will turn to dad. (weird hor?)

Yes, since young, I am very very very afraid of him.
he scold us, cane us (cause we naughty la), stare us with fierce look...
believe it o not? every small kids will cry when saw my dad, even my dad is with smiling face.

Dad is a very traditional & conservative one, but he is the clever one.
i believe his knowledge is quite powerful. haha~ *proud*

I remember there is one time, My dad did show his care for me, very dangerous yet felt warm.
long long time ago, when i was an early teenager.
parent and I slowly walk out to guard house to pick my brother from bus stop.
After meeting with brother, we slowly walked home.
I started to walk backwards with my hands putting in front of my face,
act as I was taking an invisible video camera~ as there is a corner turn, that I did not realized it came so quickly. I dono the turn is just behind me, and I don't know there is a curb and a huge drain just after the curb.
I tripped...and I thought I could be die or something.
because I fell from my back. My back brain will knock on the cold hard drain first, and the next thing I might had a memory lost ?!
alright, all my assumptions did not happen. Why? cause thanks to my dad.
From the part I tripped and started to fall off... I felt someone is holding me.
protecting my head and my back.
I heard shouting from my mum, (i did not shout... dono why, maybe cant manage to react).
then I heard my dad voice asking me, am I alright.
"I'm fine" weak voice from my throat.... I am scared after that.
I have minor wounds on my arms, while my dad have more wounds than me.
We then get up from the drain... (fyi, the drain is empty and dry.. luckily)
at last, I did not say a 'thank you' to my dad, cause I was being lectured by him... continuously...during washing my wounds time too... u know.. cant manage... not able to say a word after that.
One thing I get very curious... how did my dad come to save me as when i fall, the distance with him is quite far??

Happy Fathers day~





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