B. Tinggi~

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Is a beautiful day
had waited this long for this day to come.
I really hopes it went well.. cause,
We haven't book any hotel for bukit tinggi trip.
well.. actually is not really a real bukit tinggi trip =)
After knowing he is coming back from Pahang
i get everything ready by midnight
I really hopes there are some rooms up there.
*outfit: Cotton on dress, belt from sg wang, necklace from tropicana mall

We went for breakfast and then went to look for wine and chips.
we search troughout bkt Tinggi all hotels~
some are for members only, some are fulled.
while on the way, I'm so so so inpatient. why? cause wanted to go toilet!!
and i paid RM12 entrance fee for going into the toilet in the french village.
due to we are running out of time, 
we did not really walk there.

went down to selesa resort and thank god there is a room for us.
second thing is hungriness.. 
we had our lunch at 3pm~
came back and we roll on the bed.
just when I'm going to came out from bed to sofa..
my left leg tripped on the blanket, and my right foot can't manage to step on the floor
the sofa distance is too near, and my right feet hit on the sofa's wooden leg...
luckily he manage to catch me, if not... i think i end up in hospital due to knocking head on floor.
tears uncontrollably flow out... tat is really painful!!

alright, some how we did not go anywhere after that
being lazying around, watching tv, computer..
drink some wine, we sleep really early!

After buffet breakfast, we chilled ourselves in room again
cuddling and chatting....it's fun we have our time together
we did not took any picture too.
Still I felt so happy whenever with him.
I hope he enjoy too.





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