Why Lomo?

Wednesday, August 17, 2011
A lot of friends had been asking,
What is lomo? why you choose Lomo?
Cause there is no different btw lomo and normal digital camera
I don't know why, this is fate. 
haha, I can't answer that.
From my understanding, Lomo started in early 90s
2 Astrian fella found this LC-A lomo camera, 
and they start snap everywhere, even with expired films
the out come? MAGIC
This is my first lomo outcome pictures, 
which define my life.
Lomography actually showed something that you unnoticeable
something you use everyday, such as cups/pen/papers...streets
take a snap, and then you realized the ordinary objects stand out!
enhancing it's best sites/angle or colors.
even the pictures taken is blurs, over exposed, saturated, bluey...
I can called them unique.
I treasured every outcome.
and I started to love my surroundings =)
It is really embarrassed at first
when i went into park with friends that took DSLR
while I just took out my plastic toy Kumosan,
they like the cute toy of it
when I started to feel the environments, started out to press my shutters
"won't it such a waste to snap there?" one of them asked
"omg, why you took my legs?" (pictured above)
"does her legs is nicer?"
really, I don't know how to answer them
Don't misunderstand, I'm not stressful over their questions
I just give them a smile
cause I also how the outcome would be
it is the 10Golden rules of choosing Lomo

I love the 10th rules of all 





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