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Saturday, September 10, 2011
a little accident... where my heels break
bought one slipper

a restaurant in Sri Rampai with oldies deco
many ppl viewing
old grocery stores in 80s
still fresh in my memory

the oldies kitchen!
the raja muda bike, lol
kickaboo drinks
bought this twin lens aka. black bird lomo film camera
where I have to challenge myself of fixing these
by reading th mandrin guide book...
box written: only use 1hr.. but i use 3 hrs.
I am so bad at this
the hardest part will be the shutter and spring things...
It took me quite some time to figure out (useless guide book)
one step which show me the wrong screw. 
still I had made it done~
it is actually one pic as the shutter for the lower lens only
while the upper lens is for the window where we can see tro the reflections and snap the correct picture.

shutter button is on the middle btw 2 front lens
actually we can adjust the aperture by turning the front lens
this show what we see in the image box on top
but because of reflections, the 2 sides is actually opposite
we can keep the image box ..
and it is same height as my hand phone!





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