Beauty Expo hauls

Saturday, October 15, 2011
what I'm doing today?
I went to KLCC for lomo shooting and beauty fair.
Really, I'm not sure how's my black bird doing, i just simply take pictures everywhere in the park
That is when I notice a group of canon DSLR people taking picture everywhere.

After i met with cynthia and Grace, we went into the Beauty Expo.
yeap, the biggest fair ever. With registration fee of RM10!
but i still enter anyway since already there
we walked like hours and forgot our lunch
until we get really hungry and spent all my money there...
says.. nearly RM200 there
above is the tiny skin cares I need.

RM5 each for this tinted BB moisturizer cream (small). with SPF45
I tried, and it is natural ever base, color suit every skin
this wont really conceal everything. still it is good bargain.
I'm trying O'slee products.
all with discounts.
from left is Oil control moisturizer cost RM50+
then is toner, small, pwp(purchase with product) sell RM10
next is peeling cleanse gel, RM42.4 after discount.
Acne essence with RM25+
good bargain?
bought some nails thingy
I upgrade my Konad nails art
by buying black nail polish and another plate (NP)
classy french arts

this is the one they made for me, FOC
just go to their counter!
Next Snatch items is Masks with only RM1 per piece
and serum/ampules
cheap!!! but I din buy.
coz is not what I need or want either =)
now I'm poor... 

Besides that, I'm pissed with my HP now
I using C3-01 Nokia, and the half touch screen is now ...jammed!
I gonna get this fixed...or buy a new one?


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