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Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm not sure if is mine miserable thinking or what. I read comic lately from phone and it made me recalls the relationship that I'm going trough.  From the beginning where how we start from distance, and how little gestures that make me happy on clouds nine.

Simple as if every things he does, I treasured a lots, I kept in mind and hopes not to forget.

As tis period so far since the starts, do fades away one by one trough life. Especially what we growing up with. Many changes that occur besides us, no matter friends, issues, family nor works. I tends to demand in a way tat some of us might thought I'm on beyond of the limits. I draws back a little, seeking some advice but does not help as my heart stands on him. I admit I don wan him to be like that yet don want him to be unhappy. Right in the middle of the road, thinking where shall my thoughts would relief, but it never would.

Maybe is not his fault, but my perceptions would have different. I shall think backwards and be flexible of my feelings a while before further. Else give up this miserable thought though I cant fully do. I wish to end this uncertain feelings of my to get a feesh start... Can i?

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