Averis Annual Dinner~

Monday, July 16, 2012
Is My first attend to a company Annual Dinner
I keep telling friends i wan't to save money,
Borrow dresses, curler, shoes from friends
At the end I bought all myself. bah, Don't scold me
I really want to thanks all my friends
they make the affords to borrow whatever they have
Loves them.

Toga red dress to fit dinner theme, Red, Black and White(RM79), Aurora.
Gold Bracelet from Diva (RM21)
Shoes from 50% sales Submit (RM45)
bag, online (existing one)
and all the make up and hairdo DIY

My dress is a bit loose up, (coz smaller boobs) 

Here are all my colleagues
Some are my superiors or managers~
Guess who are they?

proudly present, My Darl Darl
I help up with her make up (but not hairdo). nice not?
Jw Marriot Hotel
the dinner was great
serving is efficience
Too bad i did not win any lucky draw
well, is a great experience





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