BKK trip First~

Wednesday, March 27, 2013
I am hardworking enough to further elaborate my trip =P. Nope, actually I wanna brag about my friends and how funny they are. Four of us usually having Morning tea session, went to a trip also with a bunch of friends. Whereby everything is planned by others. And now, we have to stand on our own.

We booked flight as a start, and then hotel ..then places we wanted to go, find transport and... passport.
Just one click, it is time to fly~~ ~~
We reached at hotel on noon
we had some titbits, wait for check in, then only we could walk to siam.
Too bad, they really forgot what I wrote on planners.
They thought first day to Platinum mall. (they cant wait to shop there)
Til then I have to take out printed one and show them, first day is to miao's favorite 'After you' dessert (Siam Paragon), then only she kind of remember . heh~
and they walked like know the road, till i felt something wrong and asked them about it, u know what they say?? 
"huh? I dono oh, I just walk lo."
my blood wanna vomit out. Then I ask them wait, take map out
Flip up and down, only saw a possible landmark, then only lead the way.
(Ju lee, I miss you, as GPS. hahaha)
Right after we walked there, ask info counter, and long queue~~~
We need to take number to wait
Due to we did not have our lunch, we went to another restaurant for small lunch
when we get back, our turn kinda, over, so we have to take number again. =(
Miao's Sad face.
But ok la, we sit there and see Thai people walking around.
We like to look out how ppl dress in other country,=) 
some are so pretty!! Girls out there are so good in hair styling.
They braid their hair so nice!
Till our turn~ Finally, the most famous 
Shibuya Honey TOast
One bite, we all flew to heaven!
Never tried so nicely tasted toast before.
It is slightly crunchy,sweet honey with melted butter, 
hot toast with little vanilla ice cream ...the combinations is like...
"yum yum"
I hope they open one in Malaysia (or many branch in Malaysia).
Then is Siam pasar malam.
night market opposite the mall.
It is much like pasar malam, but they has more clothes store than never!
cheap, bargain and pretty clothes!! ans super crowd.
PPl there walked like no break~(fast la in short)
This is where I bought my stud shoes. 350BHT
Force CM to bought one before to Baiyoke tower. (need to wear formal attire)
A small valley that has not so much people (below)
After night market, actually we planned to go Baiyoke tower for night view
but then till we walked there, it cost BHT400 just to go up.
So, we gave up, took this money to spend on massage.
Foot and shoulder massage is just BHT 200!! worth till.......
Right, we did not know that we need to give tips after that. hahaha~
Left: studs flats bht350
Right: scott shoes?(dono what it call) bht150
However I do not know how to match. some one please help me.

Then we skipped our dinner
went to 7-11 bought thai tom-yam cup mee instead.
It is super good. =)
That's all for fist day trip~





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