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Tuesday, March 17, 2009
This is the Free CLIO lipstick that I get when signing up the make up class
Playing with the kate eyeshadow colours (3 combination colors,beige,dark brown n light blue)

I was shocked by my grandpa's act after my work when reached home. This (stringe)is one of his favourite 'toys'. He tied up due to headache. his so called 'cure'. (Children are not allow to follow!!)

So, my starscope (from Mag ViVi) said that I have fate with those not-electrically attraction guy. dono wat it means actually

From the upper part of the 'Q', my horoscope said that i'm the worst that no one will praise me 'beautiful' everyday. who will praise someone everyday??; Lower statement said that my horoscope (no.1)will meet good fate in work, very strong fate at work. I hope it is true!! no beuty is ok, I wan money money n future future!!

Taurus is the No.2!! I can pass all my exam or any academic by tis year! hm... I think is time for me to get goin... but...only for 2009??? how bout 2010 n 2011? haih..

cam war after make up class. wo hohoho

The result of last make up class yesterday. Top: me, Center: Wai chen, she said that is blue green, not green eyeshadows wor, Below: miao

Today, after long thought, I think is time for me have a little conversation to my lady boss. Before i enter this company, I would said that I just plan to do it temporary, but also seriously. I still have the intension to search job that related to my study. My current boss do know that. then i got this interview from First Base (posted previously), and my plan changed. Therefore, I'd like to let my lady boss what is my going to do plan. I pass some informations that I prepared last time when boss asked me something bout biotech. Then I start off by telling her i do not wan to work in First Base, as I plan to further my study. She was not surprised at first (looking on the info i'd given), but when i continue that I'm goin to draw my studies on business, she was shocked and then looked at me. hahaha, okie, I successfully getting her attention. =P she asked: MBA? as I expected, (from education fair, most of the universities member knows) I answered yes. she asked why I was suddenly...change the field of study. as biotech is really restricted in M'sia.....bla bla bla...we expend our conversation till...where to study, getting loans...she advise me to find a good university that the course accredited by government. But I still hvnt really make the choice yet, as my first choice will be local U.
Besides that, she tell me that can have the opportunity to work on the coming up business (biotech). wow, I'd Love to!!!! hope to get the chance. then we stop. till after lunch. she came to me and asked me some ques bout my family.... is a good way of getting know each other. ^^ she is nice.... happy to talk to her. she tell me to go ahead study as soon as possible. since i still young and have the intension before my motivation drops. I reply her that, my mode of study edi drops......day by day...hahaha (actually during degree already drop more than 50%)...shh....
If there is no exam.., maybe...i'll have the motivations....who knows?? Master mostly is thesis basis, part time. great!!!!I love research....but in business....still ZERO knowledge.


{ miao } at: March 17, 2009 at 10:33 PM said...

what my horoscope say ?? im Aries...faster help me translate FASTER !!

Ei my cousin studies at UPM Master in communication dono what..u go c my wall lar..or check out UPM website..she said study 1 n half year wor. not bad you can try try.. let me know when u start the course IF IF IF im affordable..i might want to pursue LOL if my study interest still there wuahaha!

eh the CLIO lipstick so busuk lor..

ur grandpa so cute hahahahaaaa

{ miao } at: March 17, 2009 at 10:34 PM said...

studied** typo soli

at facebook wall* termakan some words


{ Joanne } at: March 18, 2009 at 10:18 AM said...

ya,will translate to u later. hehe. Currently not affordable yet. thinking of getting loan. hm..i din really smell the lipstick yet...lol.




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