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Thursday, March 19, 2009
Very lady boss came to me and talk to me again! How impressive... shouldn't said impressive, should be so glad! She asked what's my hobby.... er... I stund a while as...i didn't continue my HOBBIES anymore since i graduated. What is my Hobbies?? I'd done so many of them, all are my Hobbies, AND all involves ARTS! I shdn't take BIO as my first choice! I shd take art... When I start interested in this?

Since I was 7...i think, I was influence by my aunt.. she's good in craft. she is very patient, she teach me those she learned. I, very quickly, remember what she said and done what she had thought. Is easy, I like them. For the basic, I learn 'star' then, staw flowers...paper flowers, u know papers that made goose?like Lego?? that one...I din really finish one, but i do help her fold the pappers. then soap in the small shoes...6 colors boxes, soap craving(school seni class), wood craving, water color painting, knitting, beads, sewing... all are those easy stuff, and I alwaz did not complete all. for all these years... I'm so 'halfway' gal. I'm very afraid i would become like tat when come to study. However, I did on my study, But I finish tou. hahaha..

Back to the topic, my boss lady asked: y u have to think so long for ur hobby? I, my hobbies was stopped...ever since i graduated. then what am I doing after work? she asked. hahaha me?? eat sleep watch TV... wow...I am damn lazy gal. I told her what was my hobby. I choose beads to talk to. To my surprise, she is one of them. she shd be very pro in this. she ask me where i bought them....those kind of ans...I think I'd long forget....damn, shdn't said this ans....hahhaha

Nvm, she shared what she thought bout beads. Very COSTLY... and take TIME. I agree. she suggest i shd do it simple, don like her. (she is rich tou) hahaha. and she suggest i can do something and sell on web or gardening, do some cherry tomatoes...the results is very wonderful, u can ate them. lolz...thank you very much. very appreciate what she said. ^^

At night, Is facial time. We are the model of the night. Woo hoo... Is their first time, we have to give them our face...I let Cassendra be my beutician. she is stable, and nice. Feel very nice when she massage my face. i'll give her 80%. Add oil ya! where are the other 20%?? well, I think, she hvn't clean well enough, I saw some eyeliners after i reached home. u can do it better!





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