Mama Not at home!! day 3~~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009
This is muffin that I bought for lunch. I and miao having lunch break by window shop and eat bread! How smart! save cost and time together!

This coming wk is fashion week in Mid Valley,so this is the stage decoration.

This is the sudden date by YC. She asked for a movie (she is alwaz so sudden), so we watched Confession of a shopaholic. nice and funny show! MIao... I wont become like her, that is too over!!! I'm Taurus. I buy things when I needed. I din shop for things when I have ntg to buy! The main charactor is so crazy, even imagine the doll would talk to her?seduce her with luxury, No way, I have bad imagination!!

Back to topic, mum's not in home third day already. I din do much or anything yet. juz wipe the floor then sleep. walla.... mum called me yest, too bad, I was already in bed...sounds not good while speaking with her. she din mention anything or command, juz ask where is papa n bro...=.=" y don she just call house phone?? but then I miss her too. :( sorry ya mum!





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