Being played by dad

Friday, June 12, 2009
Early in the morning that i just arrived office. I got a phone call

I: Good morning, xxx Co.
dad: Good morning, may I know who is this? (lazy tones)
I: This is Miss Tan here...(sound familiar)
Dad: oh, this is miss tan's father...
I: lolz!...hahahaa, pa, (change to hokkien) what's up?
Dad: u forgot ur hp, u know?
I: oh...yaya(it is charging in the living room)
Dad: later i bring it to u, will call u when we reach. bye!
I: okok, bye.

lolz.....playful dad! Morning everyone! (^.^)

another scene is when after work. I just reached home. That time, strong wind blows, rains begins. I saw my dad standing at the balcony. Suddenly my hp rang:

I: Hello,pa. (I saw 'dad' in hp)
dad: hello, where are u?
I: huh? I just behind u!
dad: what? (turning ard)
I: wat's up?
dad:when u come in one? I dono de?
I: just only
Dad: i tot u still driving, wanna ask u use another way to park, coz the tree branches seems like goin to break.
I: haha...


{ cklim } at: June 12, 2009 at 1:40 PM said...

haha, morning




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