coughing day

Thursday, June 11, 2009
Again, I have this kind of 'Disease'.. was coughing until I have to wake up twice a night. Cough till tears flow out, stomach pain....I hate this! wanna faster cure and go to holidays!!!

I kinda worry my performance during work nowadays.. being guilty of always msn-ning, blog.....However, I edi finished my worked de lo...just some of them need time. Today, I received a call from B subsidiary company, regarding the cheque thing. The cheque shd be paid from A subsidiary to my company. I am the one issuing the cheque, and this cheque is totally unrelated to B company! Something wrong??? I was holding quite a number of cheque books....don tell me, I issue the wrong cheque to the wrong company?! OMG.....was starting to panic (at the same time typing 'SHIT' to miao miao,lolz). Quickly I check the cheque buds. And....hiew! nothing wrong...everything is right. I was so surprised why B co. called... after a while my lady boss asked me to call Maybank for further info, cause they are calling B co. instead. What the bank mistaken?? But then I cant contact them as the line keep busy...untill now. biar...lolz

In the evening, Lady boss went out at bout 3pm ++. From this, I know she wont be coming back already. It starting to rain. I am feeling more sleepy.... plus the network suddenly couldn't connect. So....I walked to conference room's sofa, have a nap...hahahah

Then my boss called to ask me email something.

After work, I went for a walk in MV. it has been sometime i din shop for clothes...(previously was all those cosmetics). I wanna buy formal clothes....coz I am wearing mum's cloths after all. hehe, loose a bit la, but still can wear. another thing is....the clothes are pink. I wanna find some other colours...there are sales everywhere!!! I saw my desire items in Padini!! ahhhhh 70% discount! the sales is till this weekend only...

So, here is something similar that i want (learn from ju lee, hiok hiok...):

Item 1:

I know below this 2 items is not just not necessary

Item 2: casual just Tube

Item 3: I like the unique one...

will try to look on these if i found somewhere...


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: June 11, 2009 at 10:07 PM said...

I walked to conference room's sofa, have a nap...hahahah

ur baba company ?? =.=

item no3 look like maid la.. not so nice...kekeke..i mean see la..not every ppl wil wear it nice..hmm u und wat i mean bo ??

{ Joanne } at: June 11, 2009 at 10:10 PM said... no...shh...don tell

ya, Item 3 have to try de ..




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