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Wednesday, September 16, 2009
Upcoming event~~

Coming 3rd & 4th October,
JoujouShugi will be operating its 1st bazaar at The Curve
at every first week of the month!

sell anything,eg. Toys, collectibles, fashion accessories,
used stamps, designer t-shirts, rare finds, comic books, collection cards,
paintings, games, handmade products, educational toys, old vinyl records,
books and magazines, cupcakes, dolls, wall graphics, etc. For booking, email

date : 7th November 2009
venue : Annexe , Central Market KL
time : 1.00pm ~ 8.00pm

feature artist :
MARI BRAND ( Tokyo , Japan )

inconjunction with handmade / craft artist :
Miss Ireen
Joan Beads House
Chiwawa Family
Trace’s handicraft
Owl and MagicalTreehouse

Back to topic!

Yest, either in office or home, is so so so free. Nothing to do...

During office hour, Boss lady was not in, therefore, I can say that, I almost day dreaming every seconds! Chat? yala, but my friends also need to work.

So I started to surf net. I tried to find Beads online retail. I found one web that is quite worth!!! Click here. things there is cheap, of course in larger quantity, shipping is free until certain amount. Another advantage is that, you no need to pay parking fee, petrol / Lrt, or walk under sunny day to shop for the supply!!! How nice! (for a girl). I wanna try next month. hehehe~~ (this month is totally broke, the rest is for my following days of this month's allowance XD ). I hope the beads are in good qualities. So I already tick some stock and add in my wish list.

This is when my nausea start. I was too concentrate on focusing on all the pictures, I felt wanna vomit when I look into the monitor...even chatting!(nonsense? is real, but I dono why.) I tried to look further out there or do some paper work, I draw some of the designs of my creations. Hoping that, yest night will work on it.

However, tonight I just have no mood in doing this. Ju lee purposely came and pass me something, she thought she could see me doing some. hehe..unfortunately..... I didn't. So we have a nice good night chat~ then today she flew to Bali lo~ have a nice journey!!

I gotta feeling....tonight gonna be a good time~~~ to do my craft! lol~


{ Rum Tum Cat } at: September 16, 2009 at 10:12 AM said...

keke.. pregnant jo so nausea?? =p =p
you shall open a blog shop sell all your craft kekeeeee

{ Blur Pei } at: September 16, 2009 at 10:20 AM said...

pregnant ur head!!!
blog shop ah...cannot yet, coz, I still not do so much. all things that I done oso given to friends d ~




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