who is the Itchy Hand???

Thursday, October 1, 2009
Yest, when I reached my Condo's Car park, I 'bang' into a small tiang (which use to prevent others from parking into this lot, stand in the middle of the car park lot), when i reversing my car!!!

All the while the tiang is laid down coz I already rent this lot!!! I don't know who the hell so itchy hand put up the tiang again!!!

I did not notice it coz it is just 2 feet from the ground and there is a wall beside my parking lot and my reverse sensor did not sound!!! OMGWTFBBQ sauce!! I get out of the car and checked what happened. there is a screw that make the tiang stand. So I took out the screw and park in the lot. well my bumper have some scratch. when My dad checked later on, he told me the bumper actually lose bout 2cm!!! dad threw the screw away and tried to push up my bumper.

According to my mum, before I rent this lot, there is someone else parking (who did not have permit) on this lot and was request to move his car coz I had rented this lot. We suspect this person not happy with it.I paid for this lot leh! and I get scratches on my car butt....sigh...what a day! who wanna buy my car plate number?? ( :P)

I had a weird dream 1:
a few nights ago, I dreamt bout my dear don 'choi' me and I feel so sad but not crying!

I had a weird dream 2:
I was walking with my friend YC on the overhead bridge. in front of us was 4 police man and behind them was a girl in some jewelry shop uniform. I guess they guarding the girl. We felt perfectly safe and wanted to try on short cut. But afraid the police saw and saman us. Manatau they also take a short cut. But to take this short cut, U have to jump down from the bridge!(weird leh) who also knows jump down from bridge is short cut!!! but is bout 3 feet high only... and a handsome guy appeared from no where wanna offer his help to support me from below. ahahahha...so happy...then I was waken by my bro who wanna take his clothes in my room!!! Cis, he spoilt my dreams with this kind man!!! arghhhhh!!!!


yc at: October 3, 2009 at 9:31 PM said...

haha...u dream of me???too miss me izzit??i can go buy toto dee..sure can win >.<
next time must scold ur bro kao kao b'coz of him,u always hv never ending dreams...i wish u hv a complete dreams so i can know d story :-P

{ Blur Pei } at: October 4, 2009 at 6:06 PM said...

maybe loo...too long din meet u ler




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